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Twitter Cards-When 140 Characters isn’t enough in 2017

Twitter Cards in 2017


Twitter is under fire.  High-level executives are leaving in droves.  Potential suitors have all bailed on buying the social media platform.  The NFL is not getting the ratings they hoped for.  And Twitter recently shut down Vine, a move that leads some to believe the end of Twitter is near.

A lot of anti-Twitter people claim the problem with Twitter is it’s 140 character limit.  I am of the belief that this is what makes Twitter attractive.  With the extremely rapid evolution of technology and content being readily available at the click of a button or the touch of a screen our attention spans have decreased dramatically.  If you don’t hook someone in 7 or 8 seconds you’re not going to hook them at all.

Even though images and video no longer count towards your character limit it seems that some people still struggle with the character limit.  Four years ago Twitter launched something that eliminated the 140 character limit but so many Tweeters are still not aware of it, or don’t know how to set it up and use it.


ReIntroducing Twitter Cards

It’s actually a pretty simple explanation.  You spend hours, maybe even days writing a blog post.  When you share it to Twitter you probably write a clever one line explanation and then add the link.  By the time you add this and a few other keywords, you have used up the 140 characters.

Or maybe you want to include a video or audio file as part of the tweet.  With a standard tweet, that would mean adding a link back to the original source.  Using Twitter Cards you can add a video or audio file to the tweet.

If you’re anything like me you will sometimes find yourself editing and shortening your original tweet just to make it work.  With Twitter Cards you can now include more content with your tweet.  The tweet will have a view summary option that will display whatever information you want  including an image and a link back to the source.

A Twitter Card looks something like this when properly set up:

Expand Your Tweets Beyond 140 Characters Scott Gombar

Types of Twitter Cards

Summary Card-This is the default card and one that is most commonly used.  This can include , including a title, description, thumbnail, and Twitter account attribution.

Summary Card with Large Image-Similar to the Summary Card but includes a larger image

Photo Card-A Tweet sized photo card

Gallery Card-A Twitter Card that highlights a photo-gallery

App Card-A card used to provide information about an application

Player Card-A card used to include an audio or video player

Product Card-A card used to highlight a product and relevant content

Twitter Cards are very easy to setup, and even easier if you are using WordPress.  There are 4 steps in the setup process and a very quick approval process.  This site was approved within minutes.  You can review the steps by clicking here.

Analytics:  Because You Want To Know What Works

Twitter Card Analytics were also added to Twitter Analytics  as of January 23rd, 2014.  Now you can see what is effective and what is not.   As you can see from the image below, Twitter added a separate tab for just Twitter Cards.   You can see how many tweets used Twitter Cards, what types were used and your overall engagement.

Twitter Card Analytics

Use Those Twitter Cards

While some Twitter purists will think this goes beyond what Twitter is meant to be, I would have to disagree.  You are not forced to see all of the content of the Twitter Card.  You can click on it if you choose to.  That means marketers need to get even more creative to encourage engagement.  That seems like a Win/Win to me.

WordPress makes it easy to set up Twitter Cards.  You just need to set up Twitter Cards using this link and then add the WordPress plugin.

Not sure how to get started with Twitter Cards?  Need help with Twitter Analytics?  I can help..just call 203.806.0736

5 Easy Steps to Blab Your Way to Business Success

BlabIMIt’s new and it’s fun.  In fact some, including myself, find it addictive.  Blab is the newest platform to storm the social media scene.  While the idea is not necessarily a new one (Google Hangouts has been around for a while), it’s ease of use and tie in with Twitter make it much more appealing to less technically savvy people.

I have had the privilege of participating in probably about half a dozen blabs now..maybe more.  One Blab afforded me the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback to a member of the Blab team.  On another Blab we got to speak with someone who has been using Blab for some time and was able to provide tremendous pointers and feedback.  The consensus seems to agree with my opinion that ease of use is the primary reason Blab will rival Google Hangouts in a short period of time.

Blab is still in beta with updates and new releases on a fairly regular basis.  In fact on Friday I co-hosted a Blab for my Growth Success Radio Podcast, manually downloaded the video and uploaded to YouTube.  On Saturday a  button was added that allows you to upload directly to YouTube.  Blab is incredibly easy to use so if you have not used it yet, I would strongly encourage you to use it.  Blab can have 1-4 people talking on camera to each other about whatever they want to talk about.  I have seen about every topic imaginable.  There is also a chat room where people can also engage with the hosts.

Hosting and Participating in Blabs allows you to make a name for yourself.  Talking with others gives you the opportunity to display your expertise in your industry.  Additionally people do business with people they know, like and trust.  Participating in Blabs gives you the opportunity to do this on a regular basis if you have the time.  I have only hosted one Blab to date but as I mentioned earlier I have participated in at least a half dozen..maybe more.   I have met people, including influencers, that I may have never met otherwise.  I was able to speak with them and display my knowledge of Digital Marketing while building relationships.  Think Speaking Engagements meets Networking.

Five Easy Steps to Blab Your Way to Business Success

  1. BlabbingHost a Podcast Style Blab with Other Industry People – I host a weekly podcast on Business Growth and Success every Friday at 10am.  It’s simple to schedule and set up.  It’s simple to start and add your co-hosts.  I have a co-host and a guest every week and we talk all things business.  I switched my podcast over to this format because it’s so much easier for everyone to get on.   In order to use Blab you have to have a Twitter account but that also means you have so many potential viewers.  People love to come in and ask questions and get advice.
  2. Visit and Participate in Other Blabs – It’s amazing to me that when I visit other Blabs people check what I do and invite me into their conversations.  Right now I’d say for every 3 I visit I am invited into one.  This helps you grow your following on Blab very quickly and also helps to establish your expertise on a given topic.  Many hosts are very cordial and love to hear your thoughts on topics.  Just make sure you are prepared to discuss whatever the topic might be.
  3. Record & Upload Blabs to YouTube and Your Site (and Facebook) – One of the awesome features of Blab is the ability to record the blab session making it so much easier to market your podcast.  As I mentioned earlier Blab has now added a button for upload to YouTube.  Even better is Blab will send you an email shortly after the session is over with a link to download your Blab as a video or audio file.  You can then edit the video and/or upload it to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Your Website or wherever else you choose.
  4. Record & Upload Audio Version of Your Blab for iTunes and Other Podcast Feeds – As I mentioned in number 3 you will receive a link with a audible version of your Blab session.  You can download this and upload it to wherever you host your podcasts.  Our podcasts are uploaded to and automatically submitted to iTunes and other podcasts sites.  So you can go to the RSS feed on Growth Success Radio or iTunes to be notified when the next episode is available.
  5. Be Consistent – As with any social media platform you have to have some level of consistency.  If you’re not blagging on a regular basis you will not build up a following and you will not be relevant.  You should also try to participate in as many relevant blabs as possible.  Of course I am not suggesting you live on need to eat and sleep, but you have to build your audience just like you do on any other social media platform.

Blab is growing and evolving constantly.  And there are plenty of other ideas and tips that I could point out but we’re just going to start out with these 5.  Practice with these items and before you know it you will be the Blab expert.

You see it’s not hard to get going on Blab.  I have encouraged several of my clients, and one non-client to host shows on Blab because I truly believe it will work for them.   One final thought…Blab is in beta and very new to a lot of people.  While I have had a lot of luck in being asked to participate in Blabs I don’t know that this will be the case as the popularity grows.  On my own show I lock the 4th seat because I have had a few “troublemakers” try to join.  I suspect that as Blab grows you may not have as much luck as I have had.


Tweets on Google Search Results

So You Ignored Twitter, Now What?

So You Ignored Twitter, Now What?

Tweets on Google Search ResultsGoogle is now indexing Tweets from Twitter.  You remember Twitter right?  That social media site that you chose to ignore..the one only kids are using..the one you just could not understand.  Yes, that one.  Well you spent all of your time avoiding it like the plague and now Google is indexing tweets.

What does that mean to you?

Hypothetically a tweet might just out rank your website for the same search term. Imagine this scenario.  You are the owner of a pizza restaurant in Smallville, USA.  You work hard for years ensuring that your site is found by Google because Google is where people go to search for things. Then one day someone posts how Tony’s Pizza Shop in Smallville, USA is the greatest pizza.  Because of the relevance (time and date, locale and keyword) it now ranks above your website on a Google search.

Most Twitter users are also mobile and I am sure you have been hearing a lot about Mobilegeddon.  Not to beat a dead horse but you can no longer afford to ignore the mobile population.  Mobile search has surpassed desktop search for the first time in history.

Of course I am over simplifying this for the sake of argument but I think you get the point.  You spent years making excuses why you are not on Twitter and now it could come back to bite you in the ass.  What else are you ignoring?  Facebook?  LinkedIn?  Google+? Instagram or Pinterest?

A pizza restaurant would do well on Instagram, and you can cross post to Twitter and Facebook from Instagram allowing you to become more efficient with your social Pizza Restaurants Should Market on Instagram and Twittermedia efforts.  In fact I follow a pizza restaurant or two on Instagram.  They typically get a lot of likes for every picture they post.  Comments often include “What Are Your Hours?”  or “We’re Coming for Lunch Tomorrow” or “@joeschmoe when are we going?”.

What’s the Point?

Really, the point is this. You have only yourself to blame if you ignore any of the larger social media platforms.  If you feel you just can’t keep up, or you don’t have time to learn something new, or you simply don’t have time to manage another social media platform there are plenty of qualified individuals and companies that can manage it for you.

Social Media is a critical part of any marketing plan for a business.  It’s not an optional part of your marketing efforts, it’s almost mandatory.  If you can’t be found on the internet then you may as well not exist as a business.  Just look at some of the things you can do on Social Media.

  • Create a community of people who are in the buying process and educate them on your expertise.
  • Listen for questions, not just from your followers but from anyone…and answer the questions to build trust and good will.
  • Share blog posts from yourself and other relevant bloggers.
  • Share quick video tips (Video has the best reach of all forms of content).
  • Create Good Will by sharing other businesses you have worked with and their expertise.
  • Target and retarget those who meet your desired demographics
  • Attract people to your website or landing page with the intent of getting them into your sales funnel.
  • Much, Much more

Google Runs Things..Sort Of

Search Wars featuring Google, Facebook and TwitterAs the search and content wars continue to heat up you can bet more changes are coming.  In fact Twitter and Facebook are working on search in efforts to rival Google.  Facebook and Google want to be your gateway to the internet, and for some they already are.  If you’re not making an consistent effort to broadcast across the popular social media sites then you need to be.  If you aren’t able to for whatever reason (time, knowledge, otherwise) then it might be time to reallocate your marketing budget to a professional with the tools and know how to get it done.

As a side note..most professions also have social media sites specifically for their professions.  You should also join these site as it will allow you to get advice and share ideas with others in your profession.

Not sure how your marketing efforts are doing?  Find out in 60 seconds for free!

Twitter for Business

Twitter Generates New Business | A True Story

Twitter Should Always be a Consideration for Business

This will be a shorter blog post…maybe!

Follow Scott Gombar on TwitterI hear it all the time..Twitter is pointless.  Twitter is for kids.  Twitter is not going to help me generate any business.  What can I do with 140 characters? And I find myself constantly defending Twitter almost as if I owned stock in it.  Well two quick pieces of advice.

First, Twitter can help your business generate clients and leads.  I will elaborate on that with a couple of recent interactions that occurred on my Twitter account.

Second, I would almost never recommend purchasing stock in a social media platform unless you plan to purchase at the initial offering and quickly sell for a profit.  I am also not by any stretch of the imagination an expert so I would also seek the advice of a financial expert.  I happen to know a few so if you are in the market let me know.

How Can Twitter Help My Business?

I am going to argue for Twitter with some very recent examples.  I was recently nominated for a Shorty Award for my Business Blog.  Because the Shorty Awards require votes come via Twitter I focused primarily on Twitter for the campaign.  I only had about 10 days to campaign but if you know me you know that I will take it to the wire even if it looks like there’s no hope.

Here’s what the campaigning on Twitter did for me..and for others.  About 2 days after launching a consistent but not overly aggressive campaign I received 2 inquiries on helping with other marketing campaigns.  You’re probably thinking well why weren’t you marketing on Twitter already.  I was, and I have had some mild success in the past.  ItTwitter Conversationsseems that being nominated for an award also helps establish some credibility with your audience.  I say that as if you and I didn’t already know that.

I am still actively discussing options with those two potential clients and hope to have them aboard as business partners within the next couple of days.  Just the opportunity to further explain what I do and display my level of professionalism and commitment to timeliness will undoubtedly earn their respect, and hopefully their business.  Plus there’s always retargeting!

Scott, you mentioned that it helped others.  What do you mean?

Alright, I was getting to that.  As part of my campaign I also spoke to previous clients.  One of them was for web design only.  Well she was introduced to a world she didn’t knew existed.  She did have a Twitter and she was a fairly regular user but never really used Twitter to its full potential.  I saw her a few days after her nomination and her comment regarding Twitter was “You opened up a whole new world for me”.

You see Twitter can be used for much more than marketing your business or post status updates about what you had for dinner.  You can also communicate with your favorite brands (positive or negative).  You can campaign for awards or crowd funding.  You can spy on your children (did I say that?).  You can communicate with celebrities.  Sometimes you are alerted to an event quicker via Twitter than you are by any news outlet.  Twitter also connects with other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Vine making it easier to share media (you can do this within Twitter natively).  You can share blog posts as I will with this entry.

Twitter for BusinessTwitter is not just 140 characters.  It is so much more than that.  Even the 140 character limit is not 100% true.  There are ways to expand on that as well.

If you’re not on Twitter, it is still one of the best tools/platforms for businesses to market themselves.  You can target your audience, listen to conversations (and participate), advertise, share photos and videos and so much more.  You just might win an award.


If you want to learn more about how Twitter can help your business just fill out the form to the right of this post.

7 Steps to Grow Your Following Responsibly on Social Media

Social Media is not a Popularity Contest

Popularity Contest-Not for Social MediaIf you want 2500 followers on Twitter or Instagram tomorrow I can help you for just $39.  Guess what, it won’t help your business at all!  If you think having a large number of followers is the end game on any social media platform you are sorely mistaken.  Even worse, if you have a “Social Media Expert” telling you to do this you had better run far away.

You might be wondering why I bring this up now.  I have spoken with business owners who were approached by the so called experts who tell them I will get you this many followers within this much time.  I have spoken with business owners who have taken these so called experts up on their offer.  At the end of the day the business owner walks away with a sour taste in their mouth.  Because of this the business owners often swear off social media all together.

Then when I have a conversation with them regarding a social media marketing plan the business owner is not open to the discussion at all.  I spent over a month and multiple conversations with a small business owner before they would even listen to a plan of action and why their first so called expert did not work out.   After about 5 weeks and at least 4 conversations I finally convinced them to let me show them the power of a properly run social media marketing plan.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem EARNING a clients business.  In fact I encourage all small businesses to use this model.  Taking the time to explain how social media can benefit someone who understands what social media is should not be part of earning the business.  Look at any blog and you will see the power.

What You Should Not Do on Social Media

Let’s start with very basic rules about what you should avoid like the plague.

1.  Buy Followers:  I already stated one that really gets my blood boiling.  Alright, maybe not that serious but you get the idea.   Simply paying money to gain thousands of followers will only improve someone else’s bank account.

There are networks of people/accounts that serve this single purpose.  You may have a bloated number of followers now but they will not engage with your conversation and will not purchase from you.  They are just a number to your profile page, and nothing more.

But hey, that’s cool…you’re popular now, right?

2.  Sell, Sell, Sell:  We’ve all been the victim of the pushy salesmen at the used car lot or the electronics super store.  After you’re done you need a shower because you feel so filthy.  Don’t be that person on social media.  Follow the 80:20 rule or better.  I almost never sell on social media and usually recommend that businesses do the same.  You will not build a rapport with your followers (if you used social media correctly your followers are all potential clients) using this tactic.

3.  Ignore Your Social Media:  Today people are very savvy when it comes to looking for a product or service.  Speaking from personal experience if I am looking for something I will research it first.  If I look for your business on the internet and there is little to no current information and your Facebook page is a wasteland with tumbleweeds floating around I will probably move on to the next business.

4.  Let your nephew’s best friend’s girlfriend run your social media campaign:  Do I really need to explain this?  You need experts, and you get what you paid for.  What would you tell someone who has their nephew’s best friend’s girlfriend changing their brakes?

5.  Bury Posts in Hash-tags:  #ItJustLooksChildishToMostSoIWontSayAnyThingFurtherAboutIt

What You Should Do on Social Media

1.  Target Followers by Demographics:  It’s not hard, really.  Target followers who are interested in what you are offering and are relevant to your business.  For example, I look for small to medium business owners in CT.  On some social media platforms you can even target by income level or net worth.  Why just blanket the entire population if it’s not going to help you grow your brand or business?

2.  Use Ads (Wisely):  It’s OK to use ads on social media.  In fact I encourage it.  Again, make sure that your ads are highly targeted.  Think about who your ideal customer is.  Not everyone wants what you are offering.  Ads will cost you a lot less if you focus on those that would be interested in your product and have the purchasing power to turn interest into a conversion.

3.  Create Social Conversations:  I always hear “I tried Facebook, posted a feel promotions and no one bought anything“.  Well why would they?  As I said earlier social media is about building a relationship, earning your audiences trust.  That’s how you’re going to get them to purchase from you.  You have to participate in conversations and create your own conversations.  Figure out how to get your audiences attention and then hold it.  Do they want to know more about what you do?  Do they understand how your product or service will benefit them?  You can even have conversations about stuff not even related to your business offering.

I sprinkle in personal stuff like pictures of my kids or rooting for local sports teams that I am a fan of, even the weather.  Let me tell you it’s a scorcher today in Connecticut..thank God for Central AC.   It’s OK to partake in conversations that have nothing to do with why you are on social media to begin with.

4.  Share your blog:  Ultimately you want people to visit your website.  Your website is your virtual brick and mortar store, your yellow pages ad and so much more.  It’s where your business starts and ends.  If you are using your Facebook page as your website, shame on you.

Your website will move up on the major search engines if you have relevant and fresh content.  The best way to ensure this is with a blog.  You should blog about different aspects of your business and your products or services.  You can post how to’s, videos and much, much more to generate unique and timely content that will help you move up in search rankings.

Don’t believe me?  Google “CT Twitter Expert” and look who is number 2 after I posted the Ask the Expert Call to Your YouTube and my site.

5.  Help Others with Questions:  You can LISTEN on social networks.  When someone needs help or has a question you can help them.  I know some people are thinking why would I give something that I normally charge for for free?  You have to think big picture.  That little piece of advice you give today just might generate bigger rewards tomorrow.  Even if it doesn’t, there are others watching.

I had to run to the grocery store to get chicken nuggets for my son while I was attempting to write this blog post.  While I was in the store a man approached me and asked for $2.  I don’t know what he wanted that $2 for and I will never know.  I normally don’t have cash on me but today I did, I had $7.  I could have given him the $2 but instead I gave him all $7.  Did it really cost me anything besides the $7?  I don’t believe so.  Will I be rewarded for this?  I don’t know but it certainly can’t hurt.  The point is if you’re not willing to give then you will never receive.  It’s OK to give some help with no expectations of return.

6.  Use Hash-tags in the Conversation:  I wrote earlier that hash-tag overload is a big no no.  Hash-tags are OK though.  A typical post on any social media platform from me might look like this:

5 Ways to Jump Start Your #ContentMarketing Program Today.  Learn more now!  

A few things to point out.

  • The hash-tag is part of the conversation and is legible
  • The CTA (Call To Action) is direct without making the reader believe they will have to Read More
  • By titling it 5 Ways, I also grab the audiences attention.  Readers love numbers and always think-oh, 5 steps to get going right now..I’m in.
  • I would also include an image..see next point

7.  Use Images and Videos:  A picture is worth a thousand words.  You know it, you heard it before and you heard it again.  Use pictures, audio and videos whenever possible.   I include a picture on almost every single post on Facebook and Google+, and probably about 50% of the time on Twitter.   Just don’t use copyright protected images or videos.

Stop The Madness

business woman shouting to a phone

Alright Connecticut business owners, there you have it.  Stop trying to buy and/or cheat your way to the top, it will not work.  At one time these not so ethical methods might have worked but today it’s more than obvious to anyone with some knowledge of social media what you are doing.

Some of the don’t dos above will quickly turn off your audience.  While other methods will gain nothing for your hard earned money.  So wow bother with any of them?  Stop buying your audience and start learning how to earn an audience, or call/email me.



Twitter Ask the Expert Call | Scott Gombar

I have featured on the Small Business CT Ask The Expert Call on June 17th, 2014.  We discussed using Twitter as a tool to market your business.  Some of the questions asked included how to use hashtags, how to target very specific demographics and twitter etiquette.  The call was uploaded to YouTube for your listening pleasure.  Feel free to chime in and if you need help with Twitter or any Social Media let me know!

Key Take-Aways:

  • Twitter should not be used for sales pitches exclusively.  Use the 80:20 rule at the very least
  • Be conversational and courteous
  • Don’t overdo the hash-tags, make them part of the conversation
  • Tips on including others and Twitter etiquette
  • Rules for following and direct messaging
  • How to have more than 140 characters, also discussed in this blog post
  • Properly setting up your profile

So have a listen and let me know what you think!

Download the mp3 of the Twitter Marketing Ask the Expert Call with Scott Gombar

Twitter Changes Are Here-Video

I posted a few weeks ago about the changes coming to your Twitter Profile Page.  Well here is a video now that the profile has been rolled 0ut to everyone.  Check it out and let me know what you think about the changes.

New Media vs. Old Media

Old Media vs. New Media

I am often asked, or find myself participating in a conversation about the advantages of using old media vs. new media.  Often I run into business owners who advertise using newspaper, radio or TV and they swear by it.  While I would not disparage the old media way of advertising I would draw comparisons to show where you can get the most bang for your buck.

For the purpose of this post I am considering newspapers, TV and Radio to be old media.  In some ways all 3 have adopted technology but mostly use the old method of targeting demographics (or lack of).   New media is Social Media, Mobile Apps and the internet (websites, search engines).

Newspaper Ad

In This Corner, Old Media

With Newspaper Ads, TV and Radio you are generally targeting a large population, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands.   While that might seem like a lot of bang for the buck (and in some cases it is) let’s think about that for a minute.  Let’s suppose I am a dentist who specializes in Endodontics (Google it).  If I place an ad using old media that reaches 100,000 people how many of those people are going to drop what they’re doing and contact the dentist?  Let’s do some simple math.

Let’s suppose my ad costs $5000 to run on a regional radio show for 2 weeks.  That’s probably a pretty reasonable price, right?  Now let’s say your total reach is 1 Million.  Now you’re thinking wow, that’s amazing for that price.  But how many of those 1 million people are currently seeking a dentist who specializes in Endodontics?   Let’s suppose you get 5 people who call you requesting more information.  Again, considering the specialty this is probably a pretty reasonable estimate.  Well it just cost you $1000 per lead.

I’ll go a step further, let’s say you received 100 calls  requesting more information.  It still cost you $50 per lead and you have not sold anything yet.

New Media

In This Corner, New Media

Let’s take the same Dentist and have them put an ad on Facebook.  And let’s say that the Dentist is in Connecticut (because that’s what I am an expert on).  Well for starters that Dentist is now targeting around 1.4 million people but we know those 1.4 million people will not be looking for a Dentist.  The beauty of Facebook (and Google, Twitter, etc…) is you can target only those looking for what you are offering!  That means instead of paying thousands of dollars so that my message is heard largely by a population that does not care about what I am offering I can pay a few dollars for people who want what I have.

Watch how to create an ad targeting very specific demographics while keeping costs down.

In the case of the dentist, if he/she was to get 100 people to click through it would cost him somewhere between $75 to $500.  Now if we set up the add for page likes the potential client now has a steady source of information and is able to make an informed decision when they are ready.

Now I know what some of you are thinking…I need sales NOW.  Well it just does not work that way anymore.  People want to know more about you, what you do, who you are, are you knowledgeable and how do you conduct business.  You can’t get that from a newspaper ad or radio commercial.   You can get that from an active Facebook page or Website with a blog.

Taking it a step further, if you create a mobile app for the Dentist (I know it seems a little crazy but it would work), then anyone downloading the app is a potential client.  If you spend $500-1000 for an app that includes your blog, contact form, videos and other userful things, and has the ability to notify the customer when there are updates then you are now communicating with someone who is interested in your services.  Making it even more interesting you can have the app notify the user when their next check up is and what the should be doing in they mean time.  That seems like a pretty useful app to me.

The Final Tally

Old Media Spend-$5000, cost per lead even with a very generous reach is $50.

New Media Spend-$1500 and you are interacting with potential clients consistently and delivering your message over and over.  Cost per lead is approximately $3-5.

But Wait

Newspaper, TV and Radio realize that the pendulum has swung away from them and have taken to new media as well.  If the media source you are using can place your ad on their new media channels as well, while keeping the cost down then it may be worth while to investigate a little further.

Reality Check

The Reality

An IT company I know was contacted by an old media company.  They are a local news outlet in Connecticut.  They were offered an ad placed on the news outlet’s website for a fairly modest fee of $140 a month.  This seemed reasonable so the IT company moved forward with a 1 year contract.  The news outlet is a fairly popular local news source in Connecticut, and the sales rep said the site received hundreds of thousands of visits a month.

After one year the IT company received exactly ZERO leads from the site.  During that time I also marketed the IT company on Facebook and Twitter, occasionally using ads but most of the time using organic methods.  From Facebook and Twitter during the same time frame they received dozens of leads and developed 28 loyal customers.

Food for thought

One Last Thing

Did you Google Endodontics?  You just used New Media.  I’m just saying!

Need help with your new media plan?  Use the contact form to your right or at the bottom of the page.  Alternatively you can call me at 203.806.0736 but don’t hesitate..your competition is already using new media.

Changes Coming to Twitter in 2014


Twitter has decided to jump into the redesign game…again.  Coming soon to a Twitter account near you is a new look.  But the look may not be too new to you, actually, you may recognize it.  It looks a lot like, well…..Facebook.  So here’s the low down on the Twitter makeover.

John Legend Twitter Redesign 2014

A few things should jump out at you right away if you are an avid Twitter user.  First of all, gone is the background image.  If you didn’t customize yours you probably had a background that looked sort of like blue clouds.  Many people chose to change their background, and in some cases create a customized background.

You may also notice the much larger header image.  Now, where have we seen that before?  That’s right, almost every other social media platform has done this already.   The header image will now stretch the width of the page.

Twitter has also increased the size of the profile image.

What Else is Changing on Twitter

Twitter will now show off your popular tweets with a larger font drawing more attention to it hopefully, and in doing so in theory this should increase your engagement.

You can also “Pin” a Tweet of your choice to the top of your page.  I can definitely see a lot of useful marketing tactics for this feature, such as promoting a contest or special offer, or maybe you just want to extend your profile a little further.

The trending feed has been moved from the left side to the right.  Not really a big deal to most but I suspect some will complain, as is usually the case when one of the social media giants change their layout.

Another interesting change is the inclusion of a set of filters when looking at a Twitter profile.  You can now look at Tweets, Tweets with Photos/Videos or Tweets & Replies.

Now here’s a trick was taken from the Facebook hat.  Twitter will also allow you to tag up to 10 friends on a photo.  This will not deduct from your 140 characters so tag away.   You will also be able to include 4 photos with a tweet.  Previously the limit was one.

When Will Twitter Changes Happen?

Well, the simple answer is I don’t know.  There does not appear to be an exact timeline but some users have already changed over as you can see in the image above.  Twitter suggests that everyone will be converted within a few weeks.  As of this writing, my profile has not been converted.  To put that into perspective, I am not John Legend.  It seems Twitter is starting with it’s most popular profiles first.


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Are you going dark on the Weekends? A Social Media Tip

Social Media


Let’s face it, we live in a 24/7 world.  If you are running a business you are probably more aware of that than most.  However, you may be missing out on important opportunities if you are not using social media on Saturday and Sunday..or even Friday night.

Studies have shown that users of two of the most popular social media sites (Facebook & Twitter) tend to interact more with posts and tweets on Thursday and Friday afternoons, and most on the weekends.   Let’s take a look at each site to explain further.



Facebook is easily the king of the Social Media world right now, with over 1 million users in Connecticut alone.   Depending on the business you’re in that may be an extremely important fact in itself.

Facebook allows users to set up business and brand pages to interact with Facebook users.  The page allows you to tell the world about your brand or business including basic business information such as hours of operation and locations.  Once this is set up you can then add content including images and video to interact with your audience.

In an article found on Buffer and Huffington Post, written by Belle Beth Cooper, it is suggested that the best time of day to post on Facebook is between 9 am and 7 pm.  It also states the most shares occur around 1 pm and the more clicks occur around 3 pm.  This would indicate that it is best to post mid-afternoon during the week, a little after lunch.  Coincidence, I think not.

You see, studies suggest that the more someone does not want to be at work, the more time they spend on Facebook and other social media platforms.

But you said Weekends

I did say weekends were important.  In fact Weekends have the highest engagement of the week on Facebook.  Engagement increases by 32% on weekends.   Facebook shares are also highest on Saturdays over any other day of the week.  You cannot afford to miss the action on Saturday, can you?


Twitter is extremely popular with users of mobile devices.  It’s 140 character micro-blog posts are appealing to the two thumb typing method on a smartphone.   A tweet defined as a post on Twitter.   Twitter also made hashtags popular.  Hashtags are a sort of tag or keyword on a post.  Placing the # character in front of a word or phrase allows other users of Twitter to find your post using that hashtag.  Hashtags are now used on most major social media sites including Facebook.


Retweets occur when someone re-posts a tweet that you posted, thus sending it to all of their followers as well.  This is considered a sign of respect so to speak   If your goal is to increase the number of retweets then the best time of day is 5 pm.


If the goal is to increase your click-through, meaning how many people interact with your tweet, then the best time of day is noon (lunch) and 6 pm (at home).   Interestingly enough, Twitter is also the platform of choice of those during commute by a large margin.   Users of Twitter are also more likely to use it during work or school hours.

The Weekend

Twitter engagement for brands is 17% higher on weekends according to the same study referenced above.  Again suggesting that people have more time to interact with brands and businesses through social media.  So the question still remains, are you ignoring your weekend audience?  And can you afford to continue to do so?


It will take some testing and tweaking to find out when is the best time to engage your audience.  I personally have had Facebook posts late in the day that has succeeded while posting at suggested times don’t go over so well.  You will want to use analytic tools to determine what is and isn’t working.

Keep in mind it may not be the time of day either.  There are other things you should be doing to engage your audience such as adding images or video, encourage a response or create a call to action.

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