Target Your Website Visitors on Facebook

You know you are getting new visitors to your website because Google Analytics says so.  You are using Google Analytics right?  Anyway, now you are wondering how can I reach out to those that have already visited my website once?  How can I get them to come back or communicate with them another way?

Well beyond using your CTA buttons and engaging people on your website you could use Facebook Website Custom Audiences (WCA).  What’s that you ask?  Well I am happy you did.  Here’s a quick video explaining how to set it up using Facebook’s Power Editor.


How to include a CTA button on your Facebook Post

Perhaps you heard of the Facebook Power Editor, or maybe you haven’t.  Either way you may be wondering how some posts include a Call To Action button, or how the Facebook Page is able to include so much detail with their posts.  Well this short video will show you how to use Facebook Power Editor to create an update for your Facebook Page that includes a Call to Action, a link back to a blog post, and the ability to add so much detail to your update.

Facebook Power Editor is capable of doing so much more so stay tuned for more videos soon.