Digital Advertising with Google AdWords

Google AdWords | Big Changes & Big Trouble For You?

Digital Advertising with Google AdWordsMajor Change With Google AdWords Could Mean Major Problems for Advertisers

Google is up to no good again with a major change to Google AdWords that went into effect today.  Here’s a question for you.  How often do you click on the ads on the right side of a Google search results page?  The answer is probably not often, if it all.

It seems Google has recognized that so they have removed the ads on the right side of the page.

What This Means to Google AdWords Clients

Realistically it means you better get your act together.  With the elimination of the right side ads your ad will probably not be seen if it’s not on the top of the search results page.  They have added a fourth spot to the top of the page.

If your ads average position is greater than 4 today then you are going to have major problems with your ads unless you are OK with taking one of the 3 spots at the bottom of the results page.  Any good advertising agency will tell you that a position at the bottom of the page decreases the likelihood your ad will be seen dramatically.

What Can You Do With Your Google AdWords

The best response I can offer you would be to hire a professional digital ad agency, preferably one that is a Google Certified Partner.  The few extra dollars you will spend to have someone else manage your ads on a daily basis (yes I said daily) is well worth the time you will free up and the hair you don’t pull out as a result of trying to optimize your ads to the best of your ability.

If you choose to continue to manage your own ads then here are a few pointers that should help keep your ads in the top 4.  Keep in mind that some of what you will need to do will depend on the level of competition you have with your keywords phrases.

Keyword PhrasesGoogle AdWords strongly encourages the use of keywords relevant to your ad, and to the landing page.  Keeping everything relevant to each other will help raise your Quality Score.

Relevancy of Landing PageGoogle AdWords also considers the relevancy of the landing page as it pertains to the ad itself.  Having a landing page that matches your ad content will also increase your Quality Score and drive your ad higher.

Negative Keywords-A necessary evil unfortunately, and one of the major reasons you will need to manage your ads daily.  You will get clicks for keywords that have nothing to do with your campaign.  Add these keyword phrases to negative keywords.

Be SpecificGoogle AdWords allows you to run ads in very specific geographic locations, or upload a list of email addresses to target.  Use whatever tools you can to get even more specific about your demographics.

Check Your Competition-It’s OK, I promise.  There are plenty of tools, including the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, that will allow you to check what your competition or similar businesses are using in their ad campaigns, and what keywords are searched the most within a month.

online advertising through google, facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin and pinterestThis should get you started with making sure your Google Ad doesn’t disappear into oblivion but you will need to monitor your ads on a daily basis.  If you don’t you can get into trouble very quickly with uncontrolled ad spend, irrelevant clicks and your ad not running.  I have seen all of these scenarios and in each case the person managing the ads had no idea.  That person was sometimes an “advertising agency”.

One last thought.  You don’t need to have the highest bid to be ranked at the top of Google AdWords.  I am running one campaign right now where Google suggested a CPC of $36.  I am averaging $6-8 per click with an average position of 1.1 to 1.4.

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Is Digital Advertising Right For Your Business?

Is Digital Advertising Right For Your Business?

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

Digital Ads with Google AdWords and Facebook AdsThere really are 3 scenarios that I would consider using Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.  The irony is that it covers just about every business in existence today.  I decided to make this a blabcast on Google AdWords.  As a Google AdWords certified partner I thought it was my obligation to give a broad overview of scenarios, case studies and a very quick walk through of setting up an ad.

This should not by any means be considered to be an AdWords tutorial as there are a lot of intricacies and rules that I did not even begin to touch.  The truth is AdWords is a very intense system that takes time and training to understand.

The 3 scenarios in which Google AdWords is probably a good idea:

  1.  A new business or startup.  It takes time for a new business to gain traction through organic or social media efforts, sometimes it takes months or even years.  If anyone tells you that you will be on the first page of Google in days or weeks I would run as fast as you can.  No one can guarantee those results through organic search, or social media.Therefore if you’re looking to reach people immediately then ads are the way to go.  Most businesses tend to shy away from spending money on ads as they get started but if ads are set up properly they will more than pay for themselves.  That also depends on the businesses sales process and follow through.
  2. An existing business not gaining traction through organic and social marketing.  This one is really a no brainer but there is one thing I would check before even starting an ad campaign.  If your business has been around for a little while and you have not gained any ground on social or organic we need to assess why that is.  Once we can determine that then we discuss how advertising can enhance your program further.
  3. An existing business who already shows up on the first page of Google but wants even more traction.  You show up on the first page of Google results, and the Google 3-Pack.  Now imagine if on the first page of Google your business shows up in 3 different spots?  The authority that this will give your business will pay for itself over and over.Keep in mind that ads show up above everything else on Google.  Even though they are labeled ads and have a light yellow background many people do not know that those are ads.  For those that do know that these are ads they are more likely to click through to your website if they see your business listed in the ads section, the 3-pack and the organic results.  While I don’t have the statistics the number of clicks to your website is significantly higher if you fall into this scenario.

Things to consider when running a digital ad campaign:

  1.  Target your ideal clients.  If you don’t know who that is then don’t run ads until you do or you will be throwing money out the window
  2. Closely monitor the ads, especially AdWords.  If you’re getting clicks for things that are not relevant to the ad you will be throwing money out the window
  3. Track conversions and measure the cost per conversion
  4. Start with a small geographic area to measure results and keep costs down
  5. Make sure the ad points to a relevant, content rich, landing page or location on your website
  6. Know the difference between the different networks to advertise on
  7. Be cautious with suggestions from Google
  8. Facebook Ad images cannot contain more than 20% text

That’s just a few key points..there are lots more.  In reality you should have a Google Certified AdWords Partner assisting with your ad campaign.  If you have questions or just want to make sure your ads are running properly and efficiently a member of my team would be more than happy to talk to you.