Stop the Lame & Mundane Digital Ads

Stand Out In a Crowd of Ads with AdWords & Facebook Ads

Stop The Lame & Mundane Ads Now

It’s time to step your Google AdWords & Facebook Ads game up.  

Let’s face it, the internet is a noisy place, right?  You know it, I know it..everyone knows it.   A simple Google search will show you exactly what I mean.

Boring Google AdsLet’s work with an example.  If I search life insurance on Google I get four ads at the top of the Google Search Results Page.  If you look at the image you will note that the ads are all very similar in nature.  If you’re anything like me you would likely pick one at random from the four unless you are already familiar with one of those companies.

The first company, Amica, is spending approximately $333,000 a month on Google AdWords.  Global Life is spending over half a million a month.  Select Quote is spending almost $885,000 a month and AAA rounds out the top 4 spending $408,000 per month.  There are a few flags right away for Global Life and Select Quote but we’ll get to that on another blog post.

There really is nothing that makes any of these ads stand out.  Life Insurance might seem like a dry topic that has little room to be creative because of compliance.  However you can be creative while staying in the compliance guidelines.  Take a look.

Just a real quick creative for AdWords and Life Insurance.

You’re Not Dying Are You?
Life Insurance Isn’t Just About
Death. College, DI & LTC Planning

The ad meets compliance for most life insurance companies but would definitely stand out in the crowd of boring ads from the top advertisers on Google.

It’s really not too hard to be creative even with the character limits of an AdWords ad.

On Facebook you can be even more creative.  I am part owner of a startup in the golf industry and we ran a few ads on Google and on Facebook.  On Facebook the ad can include an image so long as the image is not more than 20% text.  No problem.

We created an all black image with a golf club and ball.  There were two different statements that we used for this set of ads. The first was “We’ve Got The Balls To Change The Game” and the other said “This Isn’t Your Father’s Golf Game”.  Both ads went over very well and drove traffic better than any other ads we ran on any platform.

In both scenarios the status quo of the digital advertising industry was challenged by being creative and bold in our ad text.  These are just a few examples of what are possible.  I will add this little caveat.  Not everyone will like these ads but for those that do your conversion rate will certainly be higher.  Not everyone likes the boring ads in the life insurance ad results either.  Either way you will have some that disagree with your methods so why not use the one that will work to your advantage? Why not use the ad copy that gets you more traffic and conversions?

Challenging the status quo of advertising is nothing new in the advertising world but it is relatively new in the digital advertising world.  The idea of using an all black ad was first used by Smartfood Popcorn.  Many people told them no one would buy a bag of popcorn if it was all black.  Man, were those people wrong.

If AdWords or Facebook Ads didn’t work for you in the past it might be time to revisit and do things a little differently.  Buck the trend.  Be Bold.

Is Digital Advertising Right For Your Business?

Is Digital Advertising Right For Your Business?

Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

Digital Ads with Google AdWords and Facebook AdsThere really are 3 scenarios that I would consider using Google AdWords or Facebook Ads.  The irony is that it covers just about every business in existence today.  I decided to make this a blabcast on Google AdWords.  As a Google AdWords certified partner I thought it was my obligation to give a broad overview of scenarios, case studies and a very quick walk through of setting up an ad.

This should not by any means be considered to be an AdWords tutorial as there are a lot of intricacies and rules that I did not even begin to touch.  The truth is AdWords is a very intense system that takes time and training to understand.

The 3 scenarios in which Google AdWords is probably a good idea:

  1.  A new business or startup.  It takes time for a new business to gain traction through organic or social media efforts, sometimes it takes months or even years.  If anyone tells you that you will be on the first page of Google in days or weeks I would run as fast as you can.  No one can guarantee those results through organic search, or social media.Therefore if you’re looking to reach people immediately then ads are the way to go.  Most businesses tend to shy away from spending money on ads as they get started but if ads are set up properly they will more than pay for themselves.  That also depends on the businesses sales process and follow through.
  2. An existing business not gaining traction through organic and social marketing.  This one is really a no brainer but there is one thing I would check before even starting an ad campaign.  If your business has been around for a little while and you have not gained any ground on social or organic we need to assess why that is.  Once we can determine that then we discuss how advertising can enhance your program further.
  3. An existing business who already shows up on the first page of Google but wants even more traction.  You show up on the first page of Google results, and the Google 3-Pack.  Now imagine if on the first page of Google your business shows up in 3 different spots?  The authority that this will give your business will pay for itself over and over.Keep in mind that ads show up above everything else on Google.  Even though they are labeled ads and have a light yellow background many people do not know that those are ads.  For those that do know that these are ads they are more likely to click through to your website if they see your business listed in the ads section, the 3-pack and the organic results.  While I don’t have the statistics the number of clicks to your website is significantly higher if you fall into this scenario.

Things to consider when running a digital ad campaign:

  1.  Target your ideal clients.  If you don’t know who that is then don’t run ads until you do or you will be throwing money out the window
  2. Closely monitor the ads, especially AdWords.  If you’re getting clicks for things that are not relevant to the ad you will be throwing money out the window
  3. Track conversions and measure the cost per conversion
  4. Start with a small geographic area to measure results and keep costs down
  5. Make sure the ad points to a relevant, content rich, landing page or location on your website
  6. Know the difference between the different networks to advertise on
  7. Be cautious with suggestions from Google
  8. Facebook Ad images cannot contain more than 20% text

That’s just a few key points..there are lots more.  In reality you should have a Google Certified AdWords Partner assisting with your ad campaign.  If you have questions or just want to make sure your ads are running properly and efficiently a member of my team would be more than happy to talk to you.


Episode 2 Is Facebook Pissing You Off?

Episode Two of my blabcast is dedicated to Facebook.  Is Facebook Pissing You Off.  I entertained some questions in the chat and questions I received beforehand about how business owners are growing weary of Facebook pages.  Some have switched to Groups which I did not discuss today.  We discussed ways to work around the decrease in organic page reach.

Methods of working around the decrease in organic page reach include sharing page posts to your personal page, encouraging others to share, using hashtags, using video and of course advertising.  We briefly discussed the use of the Power Editor as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the Power Editor I do have some older videos on YouTube.

Next week we discuss Android vs. iPhone as it relates to Social Media



Images with No Text Get More Action

Facebook Advertising Case Study

Facebook Likes Advertisers who Test their AdsRecently I was tasked to run a national campaign for a client. The client has a very specific demographic making the campaign a little easier to run. Any good inbound marketer will tell you to constantly monitor ads for reach, CTR and conversions.  Ads should also never run with the same image/content for more than a week or 2.

That works out well for this particular campaign because there is a different conversion every week so I am almost forced to change the ad weekly.

What I Discovered

Marketers will always tell you one thing works over another, and they are the experts so you will likely believe them. However without proof they are just spewing hearsay. I will provide you with proof that Facebook Ads using an image without text perform better than ads with an image.

For this particular pair of ads I used the exact same ad copy, the exact same target markets and the exact same demographics. In fact it is the same ad with one difference.

For Ad A I used an image with text.  For Ad B I used the same image without text. Really not to significant one would think but it actually is.

Drum Roll Please

The Ads will stop running the day of this post. With about 9 hours left on the ads here are the results….

Ad A-Image with Text: Clicks 202 | Actions 185 | CTR 1.70% | Avg CPM $9.04 | Avg CPC $.53

Ad B-Image without Text: Clicks 553 | Actions 442 | CTR 2.12% | Avg CPM $8.28| Avg CPC $.39

Not only did the Ad B perform much better, more than doubling the clicks and actions, but it cost less money.

Facebook Ads A/B TestingWhat Does It All Mean?

You might be getting different results than me, I don’t know.  Perhaps your demographics are different than this campaign. For example, I would not consider the images I am using with an all-male audience. I am sure someone will try to challenge my findings and maybe it’s true, maybe you achieved different results. Show me the proof as I would be very interested in seeing them, and sharing them with my audience.

What this really means is you will want to test your ads, and constantly tweak them to maximize your potential conversion rate.  Don’t set it and forget it. I tell my clients all the time that the set it and forget it method of web marketing will not achieve long-term goals.  You may see instant gratification but is that what your business needs?

You will also want to use the Power Editor to manage your ads. Recent updates to the Power Editor make advertising to very specific demographics, editing ads and managing ads even more robust.

Ready to start a digital marketing campaign?  Need help with your Facebook Advertising? Contact me using the form to the bottom right or click here for a free, instant assessment of your current efforts.