SEO Tear Down

SEO Tear DownThe inaugural episode of the SEO Tear Down has come and gone.  We didn’t have a business owner’s website but we did have a guest in the chat that we talked to about trying to rank for Apple iPhone 7.  The guest has an e-commerce site that sells cell phone cases and he wanted to rank for iPhone 7.  The challenge with this is competing with eBay and Amazon, as well as Google’s algorithm which will push news items to the top since today was also the announcement from Apple regarding the iPhone 7.

I also talked about the first step in on-page SEO which is keyword research and what tools are available to you to conduct the research and determine the best keywords to use for your website optimization.

I will be relaunching podcasts soon and renaming it SEO Hackerz.  If your business would like to be a future guest on SEO Hackerz then let me know.  We will analyze your website together and coach you on the steps you need to take to improve your ranking.  Your business gets exposure and your website will get more traffic.


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