I Have Visitors but No Sales

Have you ever wondered why you’re not converting sales from your website visitors?  Your SEO company delivered on their promise to bring you more traffic, they show you the reports that indicate more people are coming to your site but no one is biting.   First of all if your SEO brings traffic and that’s it then they are not doing their job, but I will save that for another post.

You need to look deeper at the numbers to understand why it is no one is making a purchase, signing up for your newsletter or contacting you about a service.   Even more importantly you have to look at your website and understand what it is that is turning off visitors, and correct it now.

So what is it that is making your customers turn away, and possibly go to the competition?  How do you even know if it is your site and not your online reputation, or lack of?  What can you do?

What’s wrong with your site?

You have a gorgeous site, at least according to you and your web designer.  You advertise your products or services clear as day and you offer competitive pricing.  That’s all great and will help but that’s not what is going to keep the people visiting your site.  Chances are you have competition that offers similar products or services at similar prices so the only way you can compete, especially if you are not established is to provide something that your competition does not offer.

So what is it that your website does not have, or maybe does have, that is turning people off?   Let’s look at 3 things that could improve conversion rates.

1.  Remove unnecessary interactive (flash) content.  Flash is a killer.  If your website takes longer to load because of flash content people will leave and continue the search elsewhere.  Get rid of the flash.  Flash has fallen so far out of grace that they have created a new version of HTML (the language of web pages) that makes flash useless.

2.  You need something to make your visitors feel warm and fuzzy about your product or service.  For example, we were recently tasked with helping TechsRUs with their site.  Among other things we had them include some guarantees on their site.  Nothing over the top or outrageous but we noticed a few things that might help, things that their competition was not doing.

  • Include detailed pricing information-most of the time people are looking for how much they can expect to spend.  Many businesses do not publicly advertise pricing or make it obscure.  Why?  The client will find out eventually.  It’s better to be upfront and set the expectation beforehand.
  • Include testimonials when possible, but make sure they are real.  There is nothing worse than made up testimonials.   Visitors can often see right through them.  Testimonials give you a level of credibility with new visitors because they know you have worked with others in similar situations who are more than happy to express their pleasure with your business.
  • Don’t go for the kill.  Your website home page should not ask for the sale right away.  It should be a welcome mat telling visitors “Hey, we have all of this wonderful information and stuff for you to look at, stay a while”.
  • Offer a guarantee or refund policy.  On the TechsRUs site, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or you pay nothing.  I know this sounds risky, and while it may backfire from time to time most people are honest and will pay for the product or service at the rate you requested.
  • Tell your visitors why they should choose you over others.  Throughout the TechsRUs site, there are explanations as to why they would be best suited to be your IT Support team.  None of them really cost too much money or time or even impact the bottom line negatively but people are more apt to do business with their team because of the little things they offer to potential clients.
  • Get an unbiased third party opinion about your site.  Sometimes what you and your web designer think looks great may not be that appealing to others.  And often that third party can even point out what it is about your site that is turning people off.

3.   Don’t build your site for you, build it for your visitors.  Remember what you might think is great might not be appealing to others.  For example, on the TechsRUs site, they recently posted a blog about ways to maintain your computer for free.  What might seem very basic to a lot of techy people is not for the people that TechsRUs is trying to attract.  They designed the content for their audience, not for themselves or their peers in the industry.

You have to know your audience, your potential clients.  Otherwise, you are essentially writing content for yourself, and if that is what you are doing then you will undoubtedly fail in business.

Build it and they will come

When you tell people about your business you explain it to them as they understand it.   You present it in a manner that the target audience can easily grasp and comprehend why they should be working with you, and not the guy down the street.   If you feel that your target audience of the moment is not grasping your message you restructure it so that they can understand it.

That is the process of Optimization (SEO).  You design your site to reach your intended audience, not your peers or experts in your industry.  You have to find out what will make your audience stick around and convert.  That really should be the job of your Internet Marketing team whether in-house or contracted.   Your website will need to be tweaked from time to time to make adjustments to further optimize your opportunities.

One final note

I mentioned earlier that your SEO probably helped increase traffic.  While that is great is it qualified traffic?  Do you know how many pages of your site they visited?  Do you know how long they stayed on your site, or where the traffic came from or went to?  And is Social Media part of the plan?

It’s not enough just to get people to go to your website.  If you are paying large monthly fees just to increase traffic without fully understanding where it is coming from and what they are doing while they are there then you are not getting your moneys worth.  And your Internet Marketer is failing at his job, which means most likely they are also failing at improving your sales.  Isn’t that what a marketer does, improves sales?


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