Why I Fired My Inbound Marketing Client

I quit on my clientIt’s not me, it’s you!  I want to break up, I want a divorce.  Yes, it’s true. I fired a client. I am sure all business owners have been there at some point.  That one client who just isn’t worth the effort.

Let me explain.

It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint!

I was hired to improve a small business’ inbound marketing efforts, as I often am.  When I am hired I make sure to help them understand while every effort is made to achieve immediate results it often takes time, sometimes months.  With this particular client, I explained this to him several times over the course of two weeks before he agreed to hire me.

I also agreed to allow payments in installments as the cost was a concern to him.  Don’t get me wrong, I completely understood his hesitation especially after working with several so-called SEO people in the past.  You see these SEO Experts did not really do anything, at least nothing that translates to Google Dominance.

After a down payment, the real work began. Let me lay the groundwork for you. His website was not optimized at all.  He was also using the free version of Weebly which has limitations.  He was not willing to switch.  I even designed a brand new site in WordPress which he balked at. So I worked within these limitations.

Before I continue I want to be clear that inbound marketing requires more than Google Dominance now. Don’t get me wrong, Google is a big part of my marketing roadmap for EVERY client but it’s not the only avenue.  This client did have a dormant Facebook Page which required cleaning up and was non-existent on every other social platform.  He did not have a blog (and still doesn’t against my recommendation).

I developed his Twitter account and quickly established a base of over 100 followers, more than 80% from CT, along with a small It's a marathon, not a sprintcampaign.  I established a business page for him on Google+ and began developing a following.

His traffic in the beginning of this campaign was a big fat ZERO! His traffic increased daily with most of the real traffic coming from cities he was targeting.  I showed him the results of my efforts only to be told: “But I am not on the first page of Google”.  I let him know that we are working on better Search Engine Placement but these things can take time (for the 6th or 7th time). After all, what we all want are more sales.

Oh Ye Of Little Patience

Five weeks into his marketing campaign with continued positive results but he still wasn’t on the first page of Google for a particular keyword phrase. Traffic is there, people are engaged and interacting with him but he is still not on the first page of Google which was his only focus. He lost sight of the bigger picture.  We had a discussion of sorts that led to me explaining again that it takes time and the results will come. He stated he was losing patience and felt like the money he had spent (only half of the agreed upon rate) was for naught.  I suggested that if he felt this way we could discontinue the agreement and part ways to which he agreed.

That was 10 days ago as of this writing.  I am the type of person who when told it can’t be done will set out to prove you wrong so I was still monitoring the results of the keyword phrase he was so interested in placing on the front page for.  Today he is on the first page of Google competing with some of the biggest providers of his service in CT.

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