SEO Research

You know your business inside and out but your ideal client may not.  Scott Gombar Local Search & SEO takes the guesswork out of search.

It seems like a no-brainer but proper research is often missing from an SEO plan.  Businesses often think they know how their audience is looking for them on the internet and action on that assumed knowledge without proper research.

Many times that information is not accurate and the business spends months or years spinning their tires on the muddy internet.  The very first action step of any well thought out SEO plan is proper research.  It often surprises businesses that their ideal clients do not search for the business the way the business thinks they do.  

Scott Gombar Local Search & SEO can research your ideal client and determine how they look for the products or service you are offering.  We build the client profile that helps your business grow.  Your success is our success.

Meet your clients where they are and on their terms.

seo research team