Local Directories & Citations

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of directory sites.  Which sites are best for your business and what information needs to be listed?

Local Directories and Citations can serve multiple purposes when it comes to your SEO.  

First, the ability to list your business information on directory sites allows your business to be found more easily by internet users.  Your audience might look for your business on YP, Yelp, Yahoo or one of many other local directories.  

Second, adding your business’ website to local directories is one method of adding backlinks to your website.  Backlinks send a signal to Google that your website is a little more relevant than your competition who does not have any backlinks.  

What many businesses fail to ensure is the accuracy or relevancy of the listings.  Listings that don’t get updated or your business information added to low-quality directories can negatively impact your SEO.  

Local Directories and Citations can be a huge undertaking but it is a very important part of SEO. Let us handle check and manage your Local Directories & Citations.  

local directories and citattions