This is a touchy subject for me so I will just spit it out. If an internet marketer is promising first page results on Google’s organic (free) search using broad terms like real estate or attorney then run and run fast.

Number 1 on GoogleThe truth is it takes time, research, not so broad keywords and even some luck to obtain first page results using just Google’s organic search. Even after getting on the front page Google may change their algorithm and push your website back again.

That is why it is called search engine optimization. It is not a set it and forgets it deal. The results have to be evaluated repeatedly, and often optimized again to achieve the desired results.

Granted Google is not the only method of getting your brand or product out to the world wide web but it is the most relevant with some sources estimating that Google accounts for over 3/4 of all searches. Other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo use similar algorithms which means you will have to follow the same methodology. While some of the smaller search engines such as AOL and Ask use Google for their search results.

The truth is there is a lot of work involved in achieving positive results using SEO. There is not a quick fix and no one can guarantee you the top spot with broad search terms…..except Google! Do your due diligence before and research before jumping into a search campaign or partnering with an internet marketing firm.

So do you want promises that can’t be kept or someone who will get the job done properly?  Let me know!

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