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Is Facebook Guilty of Spreading the Hate?Is Facebook Spreading the Hate?

I have been on Facebook for many years now.  I do believe it has so much potential for both business and personal reasons.  I have reconnected with old friends.  I participate in groups for fantasy sports, parenting, golf, paint ball, business growth, personal growth and marketing that I really enjoy.  I enjoy seeing my friends and their families as they grow.  Some of the people on Facebook I have known in real life for over 30 years.

I also enjoy following leaders and innovators in my industry, and even in other industries.  I have however noticed a growing trend on Facebook, maybe being brought on by highly publicized events in the media, and even on Facebook Live.  Maybe the trend is being brought on by one of the most polarizing elections in US history.

I am not going to discuss politics or beliefs in this post.  I do firmly believe that all are entitled to their own opinions and lifestyles.  I also believe not EVERYTHING needs to be shared with the entire world.  I don’t talk about all the details of my marriage, or my political and spiritual beliefs that often.  I do stand firm on certain topics but I am quickly realizing the reason I don’t often share them on Facebook.

There is A LOT of hate as of late. I understand there is this huge election looming and the stakes seem higher than ever but are they really or is Facebook, and the media, just magnifying it.  We’ve never been privy to so much information before.  When one person posts why they favor a certain candidate, or a certain idealogy, or a certain belief system, they are almost instantly met with hateful responses.  The responses are not only coming from people they don’t know but also people they do know.

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I mentioned earlier in this post that some of my Facebook friends are real friends and have been for over 30 years.  We didn’t always agree on something but we never responded with hate.  Do people feel bolder behind a computer screen?  Do they now have a sense of entitlement that their voice needs to be heard because seemingly everyone else’s voice is heard?  My best friend of 30 years and I do not agree politically but there’s no hate involved.  What’s with the hateful and sometimes borderline violent, responses?

Is Facebook Guilty of Spreading the Hate?

facebook hate is a growing trendI think it’s great that we are able to see events unfold from the perspective of someone not involved in the media.  We have now seen this over and over again in recent months.  There’s no filter, no hidden agenda..just the event being played out in front of potentially millions of people.  It’s after the event that the opinions start piling up.  Those opinions may or may not be hateful in nature but they almost assuredly will get a hateful response or two.  I know that some of them are just trolls looking to get a reaction from everyone else but some of it is legitimately violent, ignorant hate.

Does the onus lie with Facebook or the end user?  Did Facebook ultimately provide a platform for hate and violence to grow?

My answer is I don’t believe a tool can be to blame for someone’s actions.  Facebook is a communication tool and nothing more.  It is a very powerful tool indeed but it is no different than any other tool out there.  A hammer can be used to build or destroy; it’s up to the person swinging the hammer to decide which.

In general people have good intentions and compassion for others.  It is the silent majority that needs to be heard because it is the silent majority that is helping the violent minority dictate how a very powerful platform is being perceived.

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