Facebook Anger & ConfusionLast week we talked about the importance of a Facebook Page if you own or run a business.    This week I continue the series on Facebook Business Page Tips.  We’re going to discuss using your page to reach and attract an audience interested in learning more about your product or service.

We already discussed a few ways to build your audience in the first post.  This post will focus more on how to keep them intrigued, interested and engaged.   This is typically where a lot of page owners falter.    Some take the “If you build it they will come” saying to literal.  That will not work on any Social Media page.  You have to develop the community, and then engage the community.

Engage Your Audience

1.  Optimize Posting Times

Your audience has a time of day that is best for engagement.  Most users of Facebook tend to interact with posts in the early to mid-afternoon hours (after lunch) and again after dinner.  While this is probably true for a majority of Facebook users you will want to test and re-test to confirm that posting at certain times works better than others.

You should also get in the habit of posting on a regular basis.   At one time it was recommended (even by me) that you post one to 2 times a day to avoid annoying your audience.  Today’s Facebook makes it a lot tougher to reach your audience with just the one to 2 times a day.  It’s OK to post 5 times a day, just spread them out to maximize potential reach.   And make sure you check your insights to see how well a particular post does.

One of the worst things you can do to your Facebook page is not posted on a regular basis.  Abandonment will not sit well with your audience.  You will be forgotten.  Audience members might disappear and conversions will drop off.

2.  Use Images/Video

Studies show that engagement dramatically increases when a post includes an image or video.   So much so that Facebook has indicated recently that they will give more weight to posts from Facebook Pages that use less text and more images.

As noted on Buffer,  Facebook posts with images increase engagement by 39%.  Engagement is how you convert your audience to clients.  It can be as simple as a picture related to your post, or an infographic.

If you want to use videos (and we recommend you do) it’s best to include YouTube and post it on YouTube for several reasons.  As a corporate trainer, I learned that different people interact with different types of media differently.  Wow..that’s a mouthful.  What I am saying is some prefer written, some prefer images and some prefer video.  If you plan to reach as many people as possible you need to include as many types of media as possible.

3.  Use Post Scheduler

Facebook Post Scheduler

Facebook has a built-in scheduler for pages.  Use it!  It is physically impossible to be on Facebook 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You have other obligations and commitments.  You need to eat and sleep.  You have a life away from your computer (although that probably means you have a smartphone with you).   So use the scheduler to set up posts in advance.

While I am a certified HootSuite Partner it is best you use the Facebook scheduler.  Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook does not like you using third party apps to post.  Their algorithm tends to push posts using third-party apps further down, decreasing engagement potential.

4.  Ask Questions, create surveys

Facebook Questions and SurveyThere is nothing like a question or survey to get the masses going.  A couple of examples recently used on my page include:

  • Who will win the Super Bowl
  • What type of business would not benefit from Social Media Marketing
  • And currently..who makes the best pizza in Connecticut.

You will notice that only one of the questions is directly related to what I do and what the page is about.  You don’t always have to be on topic with your Facebook page.  In fact I recommend that you do stray as you’re bound to bore people if all you talk about is what you do.  Talk about what people want to talk about.  Remember, it’s a community.  When you are out with friends and family do you just talk about what you do or do you talk about other things as well?

Surveys are also great because they are easy for your audience to interact with.  Rather than writing out a response they can just select the choice they want and move on to the next persons post.

5.  Create a contest

People love contests.  You don’t have to give away your car or house.  It can be a gift certificate to Dunkin Donuts or a Visa Gift Card.   You can even offer your services for free as I have done in the past.  Contests get people engaged with your page.

The contest should require an action from your audience.   The most common action is a page like, followed by signing up for your email list.  You don’t have to limit the action to just these items but it does have to be track-able somehow.

My last contest was Win a Website Makeover.  The contest required you to fill out a short form..name, address, website address and email address.  It also required a page like and finally (and most importantly) a screenshot of your website.  From this, I chose the ugliest website and rebuilt it.

6.  Encourage Sharing

SharingIt’s OK to ask.  If you think you’re content should reach more people then ask your audience to share it, like it or comment on it.  This also means your content will be bumped.

What’s bumped you ask?  Have you ever noticed a picture or post at the top of your timeline from years ago?  That’s because someone recently commented on it moving it to the top of the Facebook timeline since it had the most recent interaction.  The same works for your page posts.  If someone comments on or shares the post get’s moved to the top of the timeline.

7.  Don’t ignore comments, even if negative

Probably one of the worst things you can do, ignore a comment.  Reply to any comments no matter what it is (unless it’s obvious spam).  Ignoring comments will just about guarantee the loss of at least one audience member.  Ignoring a customer complaint will probably look worse than the complaint itself.

I cannot overstate this…do not ignore any comments.

8.  Don’t ignore weekends

In case you’re living under a rock… weekends are busy on Social Media.  Facebook has a much higher engagement rate on Saturdays especially.   In fact, the best day to share on Facebook is Saturday.   You would be missing out on potential reach and conversions if you ignored weekends.

If you’re like me and Saturdays are tough to sit at the computer (hey, I have 4 kids ranging from 18-not yet born) then use the Facebook Post Scheduler.

9.  Don’t go for the hard sell

SalesmanIt’s really simple…follow the 80/20 rule.  In sales trainer, they teach you ABC (Always Be Closing).  I learned this many, many years ago while working at Radio Shack.  I personally never understood it since I hated being sold to, and that’s probably why I did not last long at Radio Shack.

Social Media is no different…people do not want to be SOLD to.  They liked your page to develop a relationship with you, to learn more about what you do.  There is a good chance they are already considering purchasing from you but forcing your sales pitch down their throat will quickly turn them off.

The 80/20 rule in it’s simplest form means you should only be selling 20% of the time.  That means that 1/5 of your posts should be related to selling your product or service.  To be honest I almost never post a sales pitch on Facebook.   My main focus is interacting with my audience about various things including what I do.  This should be your focus too.

If you want to see my posts just visit my Facebook page.  

Get On Facebook and Get Started!

Next week I will post more on Facebook etiquette so make sure you come back.  For now, you have plenty to work with!

Need help getting started on Facebook?  I would love to help you out!   Just click here to contact me or call 203.806.0736

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