SEO Hackerz Ep 004 Branding for SEO

Episode 004 – Branding for SEO – [Get Some Backlinks]

On this episode, I talk about Branding for SEO.  I discuss how utilizing sites like LinkedIn, Quora and Alignable help you build your reputation.  We discuss how building your reputation helps build trust with your audience.  Answering questions and participating in communities is a great way to help build your authority and trust in your focus area.

I show you how I do that with my communities.  I even answer a question in the SEO Hackerz Community while recording.

We talk a little about building your backlink profile and how having a mix of nofollow and dofollow links is important.

I show you how to get a dofollow link from LinkedIn.

Adding your brand information to as many internet properties as possible is a great way to dominate the first few pages of Google Search for your brand name.


Episode 004 - Branding for SEO - [Get Some Backlinks]

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