Twitter has decided to jump into the redesign game…again.  Coming soon to a Twitter account near you is a new look.  But the look may not be too new to you, actually, you may recognize it.  It looks a lot like, well…..Facebook.  So here’s the low down on the Twitter makeover.

John Legend Twitter Redesign 2014

A few things should jump out at you right away if you are an avid Twitter user.  First of all, gone is the background image.  If you didn’t customize yours you probably had a background that looked sort of like blue clouds.  Many people chose to change their background, and in some cases create a customized background.

You may also notice the much larger header image.  Now, where have we seen that before?  That’s right, almost every other social media platform has done this already.   The header image will now stretch the width of the page.

Twitter has also increased the size of the profile image.

What Else is Changing on Twitter

Twitter will now show off your popular tweets with a larger font drawing more attention to it hopefully, and in doing so in theory this should increase your engagement.

You can also “Pin” a Tweet of your choice to the top of your page.  I can definitely see a lot of useful marketing tactics for this feature, such as promoting a contest or special offer, or maybe you just want to extend your profile a little further.

The trending feed has been moved from the left side to the right.  Not really a big deal to most but I suspect some will complain, as is usually the case when one of the social media giants change their layout.

Another interesting change is the inclusion of a set of filters when looking at a Twitter profile.  You can now look at Tweets, Tweets with Photos/Videos or Tweets & Replies.

Now here’s a trick was taken from the Facebook hat.  Twitter will also allow you to tag up to 10 friends on a photo.  This will not deduct from your 140 characters so tag away.   You will also be able to include 4 photos with a tweet.  Previously the limit was one.

When Will Twitter Changes Happen?

Well, the simple answer is I don’t know.  There does not appear to be an exact timeline but some users have already changed over as you can see in the image above.  Twitter suggests that everyone will be converted within a few weeks.  As of this writing, my profile has not been converted.  To put that into perspective, I am not John Legend.  It seems Twitter is starting with it’s most popular profiles first.


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