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Episode 001 – How Does Google Search Work

It’s finally here.  The first episode of my new SEO podcast.  The SEO Hackerz Podcast debuted with a review of how Google Search Works. In recent months I have discovered a few things. Most Google users don’t know that location plays a factor in the search results Most blog owners and business owners don’t believe […]

I Dumped My Email Marketing. Here’s Why [And What I Replaced It With]

I sent my last email today, July 25th, 2018. I started a Facebook Group to create an active SEO Community.  Email Marketing Open Rates and Click Through Rates are down across most industries.  Facebook Groups allow for better collaboration, sharing and community like involvement. Preface I used to send an email newsletter every two weeks.  […]

Jump Start Your Google Rankings with a N.A.P. [Improve Traffic by 20-70%]

Jump Start Your Google Rankings with a N.A.P. [Improve Traffic by 20-70%] N.A.P. is an acronym that stands for Name, Address, Phone Number Maintain accurate and up to date listings across the internet is important What happens when N.A.P. is updated on business listing sites to be accurate and up to date? Summary Why is […]

Case Study: The Impact of SSL on Your [Google Search Results]

Case Study: The Impact of SSL on Search Results Your Business Should Pay Attention Summary:  SSL Certificates on a website have become increasingly important.  83.33% of first page Google Search Results have an SSL certificate installed.  This study determines if there is a direct impact on your SEO plan and search results by having an […]