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Scott Gombar is a Digital Marketing Agency. As an expert in Social Media, Digital Ads and SEO Scott found himself always helping business owners become more competitive on the internet.  Scott uses the internet & social media to market businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, artists and anyone trying to grow their brand or bottom line.   He uses a combination of Organic and Paid search, Social Media, Email and Local Search to deliver your message but also firmly believes in the face to face networking that helps build trust and loyalty.

Scott Gombar is a Google Certified Partner with AdWords and Analytics

The Story

Scott Gombar has spent over 20 years in the technology world.  At the turn of the millennium, he was the owner of a company that promoted and managed local musicians & artists.  He often found himself creating websites and online profiles for the artists to help promote them and their performances.  After leaving the music industry he worked several years in different industries where he would contribute to those company’s web presence.  He also coached many people on internet assets and related topics.

For seven years Scott owned and ran TechsRUs; a technology support company.  No matter how many times he tried to focus on the IT side of the business he was continually pulled to helping others with their websites and social media marketing.  He also learned through trial and error how to market TechsRUs using the internet, and became quite good at it.   Through all his attempts he gave TechsRUs the look and feel of a large corporate IT Support company while maintaining the mentality of a local small business.

In 2014 Scott decided it was time to do what he loved, and what kept calling him and decided to focus on helping Small/Medium Businesses and Solopreneurs become larger than life on the internet…and grow their bottom line.

Having spent years in a corporate training environment Scott can coach individuals and teams on Social Media and Digital Marketing..what it takes to succeed and all the fine intricacy’s involved in marketing via the digital world.   Many understand the basics of creating a profile but often stop there.  Marketing on the net is a commitment and he can show you what it takes, and how to become efficient at it.

He has been tinkering with web design since the days of AOL Pages and Geo-Cities.  Scott has created many sites using just code, front page and Dreamweaver.  Today he primarily develops using WordPress or Magento (for eCommerce).

Scott Gombar is also the owner and co-host of the Growth Success Radio Podcast Series dedicated to helping Small Business Owners Grow and Succeed.  The show is live on huzza.io/scottgombar every Friday at 11am ET.

Be Passionate About What You Do & You Have Already Succeeded. ~Scott Gombar

What We Do

All things internet really.  Our specialty is helping businesses grow and succeed, simply stated that means we help businesses and people find you on the internet.  Scott Gombar | A Digital Marketing Agency works with businesses, artists, solopreneurs, authors and others on developing their digital marketing plan.  Digital Marketing is a broad term which includes Organic Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo), Social Media, Paid Advertising, and Email Marketing.

Our other passion is website creation.  We create aesthetic pleasing websites that are easy to navigate, easy to maintain and highly functional while ensuring that all technical requirements are met.

Scott Gombar | A Digital Marketing Agency is a Google Certified Partner, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certified & a Hootsuite Certified Partner.  You might ask what does that mean. Simply stated we have been trained in great detail, and tested for understanding, on how to use these pruducts.

Hootsuite is a Social Media Management tool that allows for complete monitoring and management of most major social media platforms.

Google Certifications include AdWords, Analytics and Shopping.

Scott Gombar | A Digital Marketing Agency is also well versed in Growth Hacking (Marketing) and Crowd Funding Campaigns.  Nothing get’s the juices flowing like an in depth dive into analytics, and making it work to help YOUR business.

Scott Gombar is the Social Media Chair at Rotary of Meriden.  He also volunteers as a baseball coach for South Meriden Baseball.

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