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Is Facebook Spreading the Hate?

Is Facebook Guilty of Spreading the Hate?Is Facebook Spreading the Hate?

I have been on Facebook for many years now.  I do believe it has so much potential for both business and personal reasons.  I have reconnected with old friends.  I participate in groups for fantasy sports, parenting, golf, paint ball, business growth, personal growth and marketing that I really enjoy.  I enjoy seeing my friends and their families as they grow.  Some of the people on Facebook I have known in real life for over 30 years.

I also enjoy following leaders and innovators in my industry, and even in other industries.  I have however noticed a growing trend on Facebook, maybe being brought on by highly publicized events in the media, and even on Facebook Live.  Maybe the trend is being brought on by one of the most polarizing elections in US history.

I am not going to discuss politics or beliefs in this post.  I do firmly believe that all are entitled to their own opinions and lifestyles.  I also believe not EVERYTHING needs to be shared with the entire world.  I don’t talk about all the details of my marriage, or my political and spiritual beliefs that often.  I do stand firm on certain topics but I am quickly realizing the reason I don’t often share them on Facebook.

There is A LOT of hate as of late. I understand there is this huge election looming and the stakes seem higher than ever but are they really or is Facebook, and the media, just magnifying it.  We’ve never been privy to so much information before.  When one person posts why they favor a certain candidate, or a certain idealogy, or a certain belief system, they are almost instantly met with hateful responses.  The responses are not only coming from people they don’t know but also people they do know.

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I mentioned earlier in this post that some of my Facebook friends are real friends and have been for over 30 years.  We didn’t always agree on something but we never responded with hate.  Do people feel bolder behind a computer screen?  Do they now have a sense of entitlement that their voice needs to be heard because seemingly everyone else’s voice is heard?  My best friend of 30 years and I do not agree politically but there’s no hate involved.  What’s with the hateful and sometimes borderline violent, responses?

Is Facebook Guilty of Spreading the Hate?

facebook hate is a growing trendI think it’s great that we are able to see events unfold from the perspective of someone not involved in the media.  We have now seen this over and over again in recent months.  There’s no filter, no hidden agenda..just the event being played out in front of potentially millions of people.  It’s after the event that the opinions start piling up.  Those opinions may or may not be hateful in nature but they almost assuredly will get a hateful response or two.  I know that some of them are just trolls looking to get a reaction from everyone else but some of it is legitimately violent, ignorant hate.

Does the onus lie with Facebook or the end user?  Did Facebook ultimately provide a platform for hate and violence to grow?

My answer is I don’t believe a tool can be to blame for someone’s actions.  Facebook is a communication tool and nothing more.  It is a very powerful tool indeed but it is no different than any other tool out there.  A hammer can be used to build or destroy; it’s up to the person swinging the hammer to decide which.

In general people have good intentions and compassion for others.  It is the silent majority that needs to be heard because it is the silent majority that is helping the violent minority dictate how a very powerful platform is being perceived.

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Why a Flex Work Environment Works by Scott Gombar SEO

Flex Schedule Work LifeWhy a Flex Work Environment Works

Anyone who owns a business knows that you WILL work a lot of hours.  If you go into business because you want to work less than owning a business is not for you.  However, owning a business does afford me one scheduling benefit.  I am able to spend quality time with my young children to do things like coaching my son’s baseball team and taking him to other extracurricular activities.

Almost every day I carve out a chunk of my schedule to be able to spend time with my kids.  It means that I typically work into late hours of the night (I’m writing this blog post at 11pm on a Sunday night).  While that doesn’t sound ideal to some, to me it means quality time with my children spent teaching, playing or coaching them.  That has always been a very important life goal for me.

What’s My Point?

I know a lot of people who work for companies that they don’t own.  They work for someone else.  I know not everyone is cut out to be a business owner.  I know it’s a scary thought for many people to not have that sense of security you get from receiving a pay check every 2 weeks. This blog post is not intended to argue the benefits of working for yourself versus working for someone else.

A lot of those people who work for someone else talk about going out on their own, and it is often because of their work/life balance.   It’s hard to coach your child’s sports team if you work until 5:30pm.  It’s really hard to even attend a game if you work on Saturdays.  If you leave work at 5:30 and spend 30 minutes traveling you get home at 6pm.  You might have 1-2 hours of quality time with your children before they go to bed (unless they’re teens).

Some companies have started to realize the benefit to creating a flexible work schedule.  Flex schedules are schedules that are adjusted to allow employees to be able to work around their family activities, child care or other life activities outside of the work place.  Employees are more productive and generally happier.  Morale improves significantly for those employees who are able to be more involved in their family life.

So why aren’t more employers instituting this type of scheduling?  I understand it’s not feasible for all positions but I do believe the vast majority of jobs can be flexed.  It might be time for employers to wake up and offer some flexibility in their employee’s schedule.  As an employer you will develop loyal, motivated employees who want to be at work because their employer has shown that they genuinely care about their employee’s life outside of work.

Coaching my son's baseball teamWork/Life Balance.  Do It Now

I might take a step further.  In fact I have.  I give assignments to employees with a deadline.  It’s up to them when they work on it, and to some degree how long it takes them.  At times we have to adjust the expectation if the allotted time to complete an assignment is not reflective of the amount of time truly needed.  We review it as a team and make a decision as a team.   Generally speaking this has been successful for me and for my team.  Of course there are hiccups but we get through them and I think we do so easier than working a rigid 9-5 or other 8 hour day.

It’s time for companies of all sizes to understand what motivates their employees.  Many parents would love to help their kids with homework, help the soccer team or baseball team, coach their kids, read them a bed time story, take them to see a matinee or a museum in the summer, etc..  This was more important to me than unlimited income potential.

Since leaving the corporate world I have been able to coach my son’s baseball team for two years and those memories will far outweigh staying at work for a 4:30 meeting on a Friday afternoon.  I am able to take a middle of the week afternoon off to take the kids to a museum or an amusement park, or sled riding or whatever we decide to do.  The lines are shorter and we have a blast.  It might mean that I am putting in a few hours on a Sunday night but it’s worth it.  We will all remember it for the rest of our lives.

As my business grows I fully intend on offering flex schedules and work from home options.  Does your company plan to do the same?  You just might want to consider it.

5 Problems With Niche Marketing Agencies

The Problem with Niche Marketing Firms

5 Reasons to avoid niche marketing agenciesOK. Full disclosure. My marketing agency does not have a niche unless you consider small to medium size businesses a niche.  For the last two years it has suggested on multiple occasions that I should steer my company into a specific niche or vertical.  For example we should work exclusively with personal injury law firms or chiropractors.  Yes, both of those very specific verticals were suggested several times.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Not Work With a Niche Marketing Agency

Here’s the problem…creativity is stymied by working with dozens of the same type of business.  Here are 5 reasons your business should not work with a marketing agency that specializes in your type of business.

  1. No Original Content: Every digital marketer knows that in order to feed the Google beast, and to bring people back to your website, you need to consistently create content.   The problem with niche marketing agencies is they create the same content for all of their clients.  A dentist in Fresno will have the same blog post as a dentist in Miami.  There’s no creativity or originality in sharing a blog post to dozens of dentist’s websites.

    I have personally witnessed this happen with a chiropractor who hired me to clean up their site.  Their site was actually built on a sub-domain of the niche marketing agency’s top level domain.  The agency then forwarded the chiropractor’s domain to the sub-domain.  Blog posts were all short (less than 300 words in most cases) and duplicated over multiple chiropractor websites.

  2. No Time Spent Understanding the Client: Your business has just been lumped into a bucket with probably dozens of other similar businesses.  The agency will not spend time understanding your business, your personality and your brand.  Yes they will probably not work with another similar business within a certain radius of your business but they will likely still work with others in your state.

    It’s impossible to properly market a business with the same level of success if the marketing agency does not understand the business and the personality behind it.  A good marketing agency will insist on getting to know the business owner(s) before beginning any work.

  3. No Time Explaining Results: Yes you will get reports that look pretty and are properly branded but will you understand them or have time to try to figure them out.  I can send an invoice but that doesn’t make me an accountant.

    Marketing agencies should take the time to not only explain the results but analyze the results.  What worked?  What didn’t work?  What needs to be changed?  Why?

  4. Creative Marketing AgencyNo Flexibility: You’re going to get the same cookie cutter marketing plan that the eye doctor on the other side of the state also gets, and at a premium price.  Yes they may understand how an ophthalmologist’s practice runs but no two eye doctors are the same. What might work for one practice in the location they are in may not work for another, for a variety of reasons.
  5. Not Everything Works: The niche marketing firms are likely going to suggest TV or Radio commercials, or even newspaper ads. While we wouldn’t discourage using traditional marketing or advertising channels it’s not for every business. These marketing/advertising channels can be very expensive and difficult (but not impossible) to measure the ROI.Furthermore they don’t always identify where your ideal clients are.  What social platform are they one?  What does their buying decision look like?  Where does your ideal client get information?  So many other questions that need to be asked and analyzed.

At the end of the day it is up to you which marketing agency you decide to work with but make sure you practice due diligence in making your decision.  If you’re not sure what you should be looking for give us a call and we’ll help you understand what a good agency should be doing for you.