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Google Is At It Again.  AdWords Updates Because of You

Google continues to make changes to their AdWords platform in large part because it recognizes a few things.

  1. We are becoming an increasingly mobile society
  2. People want more information/content
  3. Not everyone consumes information the same way

What is Google Changing Now Scott?

Yes, Google makes changes on a regular basis.  In fact they change their algorithm almost twice a day.  As a Certified Google AdWords Partner in CT I have to stay up to date on the latest with Google AdWords.  They require me to pass several tests once a year.   To ensure that I am aware of the latest I have several resources that I check on a regular basis and I set up Google Alerts to track conversations on AdWords.  I do all of this just to keep up with anything Google related because I want to be the best at what I do, and I want to provide the best possible solutions to my clients marketing and advertising needs.

Google made a splash a few months ago when they removed the right side ads and added a fourth ad result on the top of the Google Search Results Page.  The only ads you will see on the right side now are shopping ads.  Essentially if you do not place in the 1-4 position for ads then you’re not going to achieve your desired results.

Here’s What Else Is Changing in AdWords

Yesterday Google announced more changes coming to the AdWords platform.  Here are four things to look for in the coming days and months.

  1. Google is attempting to make their AdWords platform simpler. One thing is certain, the Google AdWords platform can be overwhelming and has a huge adjustment period.  Most people can’t afford to spend the time it takes to learn the platform and all of its intricacies.  Some of taken to 3rd party platforms to assist with managing AdWords.  Google recognizes that people have a hard time with the AdWords platform and is working on making it an easier system to use.
  2. Expanded Titles & Ad Copy. In a recent blog post I wrote for LinkedIn I talked about how Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are all encouraging content developers to create MORE content.  Well AdWords was part of that.  Google is expanding both the headlines and ad copy sections of text ads as follows:
    1. Instead of one 25 character headline you will have two 30 character headlines available later this year
    2. Instead of two 35 character description lines you will have one consolidated 80 character description line, also later this year.
  3. Certified Google AdWords Partner in CTMobile & Local. It has been almost exactly a year since mobilgeddon and there continues to be fallout since.  Google has made updates to their mobile algorithm further penalizing non-mobile friendly sites.  Further recognizing that more and more queries are taking place on mobile devices, and that 1/3 of all mobile searches are bases on location; Google will be introducing/enhancing local search ads across Google Search and Google Maps.
  4. Bidding Across Different Devices. Today you can adjust your bids for mobile versus desktop.  In the near future you will be able to adjust bids based on the device.  If you know that more of your audience is likely to be on an iPhone then you can increase your bid to reflect that.

Final Thought

These updates are pretty exciting.  If you’ve ever experienced the pain of trying to right ad copy in 95 characters or less while trying to make sure it makes sense, catches the searchers attention and has a positive ROI then you know that every character counts.   I have also come to recognize that not every business has a higher rate of mobile searches, or that some businesses have clients that prefer a certain device.

I’m a huge fan of small local businesses.  These updates mean that small local businesses now have a better chance at success against their big corporate competitors.

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digital update may 16 2016 from Scott Gombar Google Partner

Digital Update May 16 2016 Facebook Live & Twitter Characters

Digital Update May 16, 2016

Another week has passed and it wouldn’t be a complete week without a couple thousand changes in the digital world.  Alright, maybe I am exaggerating….a little.   There were some pretty big changes and some surprising news this week, and one change a lot are not even aware of yet.


Google has quietly increased the length of their title tags to approximately 70 and their meta descriptions to potentially 278 characters.  That might not seem like a lot but that means that you may be able to get 1 or 2 extra words in the title tag of your page.  For the meta descriptions that is an increase from 160 characters to 278.  That’s quite a jump.

If you’re wondering what in the world I am talking about here is an image to explain further.  In this example you don’t see the extended characters for the title tag or meta description.  It does not seem to happen in all searches but more likely in this case is the site developer used short title tags and meta descriptions.  You should always use as much real estate as you can when it comes to Google so use all characters wherever possible.

Google Title Tag Meta DescriptionFacebook

Facebook LogoFacebook has partnered with DigitasLBi to create a live Morning Show using Facebook Live of course.  The show will be similar to other morning shows in that there will be news, weather, recipes and workouts.

The show is going to be called Rise and Shine, and will air 3-5 times a week.  The show will be displayed on a brand’s Facebook page, in the timeline and guessed it, Messenger.   Look for more on using Facebook Messenger for marketing, and in general, in the near future.

While Twitter owned Periscope has seemingly started to become irrelevant (I’ll probably get some hate mail on this statement) Facebook looks to take live streaming to the next level.  Challenging the status quo of packaged television is certainly one way to do that.  I am excited for the future possibilities.


Twitter Changes Character LimitIn what was probably my favorite piece of news this week Twitter announced they would not count links and pictures towards the 140 character limit in a tweet.  If you use Twitter then you know the pain of tweeting something with a link and an image only to have to edit your text to make everything fit..sometimes making your tweet harder to understand.

There had been talk of Twitter increasing or even removing the character limit of a tweet.  Many long time Twitter users (including myself) were not happy with that plan.  Not counting links and pictures towards the character limit is a much better idea.

I saw an interesting stat last week.  Twitter’s own research revealed that only 2% of active Twitter users switched back to the chronological timeline after Twitter changed their timeline to a relevancy based feed.


Instagram has made some cosmetic changes to their platform.  While there is nothing earth shattering it’s worth noting that the icon is now a pink/orange/purple background with the same camera icon.  They’ve also made the platform a little cleaner.

It’s worth noting a couple of other things about Instagram.  I wrote a couple months ago that Instagram was going to move to a relevancy based timeline similar to Facebook.  While I have heard that some accounts were moved mine has not so it has not rolled out to everyone yet, if it ever will.

Also worth noting is the increase from 15 second to 60 second videos on Instagram.  This happened a few weeks ago but I did not have an opportunity to write or talk about it.

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