Episode 4 | 9 Secrets to Success on Your Scopes and Blabs

On this episode of Become a Social Business I discussed how to create a successful plan for live streaming with a focus on Periscope and Blab.

The 9 Secrets to Successful Scopes and Blabs

It’s all the rage right now..live streaming.  And it should be since video is by far the highest engagement tool in any marketing plan.

  1. Be YourSelf
  2. Be Engaging
  3. It’s not a sales platform
  4. The Title Tells a Story
  5. Market It, Share It, Do Something With It
  6. Test (Times, Titles)
  7. Repurpose/Remarket
  8. It’s Not a Sprint..It’s a Marathon
  9. Engage Other Scopes & Blabs

Episode 2 Is Facebook Pissing You Off?

Episode Two of my blabcast is dedicated to Facebook.  Is Facebook Pissing You Off.  I entertained some questions in the chat and questions I received beforehand about how business owners are growing weary of Facebook pages.  Some have switched to Groups which I did not discuss today.  We discussed ways to work around the decrease in organic page reach.

Methods of working around the decrease in organic page reach include sharing page posts to your personal page, encouraging others to share, using hashtags, using video and of course advertising.  We briefly discussed the use of the Power Editor as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the Power Editor I do have some older videos on YouTube.

Next week we discuss Android vs. iPhone as it relates to Social Media