Episode 1 of Become a Social Business

Episode One Blab And Scope

Episode 1 of Becoming a Social Business by Scott Gombar.  It really was an open forum.  I spoke with numerous people regarding how to make their business a more social business by using Blab, Periscope, Facebook, LinkedIn and a relative unknown in the Social Media world, Alignable.  We had several experts in the field chime in and let us know their thoughts and opinions.

The focus was definitely on Blab and Periscope.  Let’s just say the future looks bright.  We discussed how politicians might be able to leverage Blab and how it’s already been used for webinars, training and even a realtor showing a house.

I also briefly discusses a new platform called Alignable.  This is a newer Social Media channel focused on local business growth.  Sign up and add Scott Gombar!

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Knowledge helps set yourself up as an expert

Give Everything Away Now

Give Everything Away Now

Yes, you read it right.  I said give everything away right now.  Uh-oh, Scott’s gone mad.  That’s probably what you’re thinking, isn’t it?  Well good news, I haven’t gone mad.  I’m just telling you something that my marketing agency does as a general rule of thumb but I bring it up because not everyone seems to agree with this methodology. 

Give Away Knowledge to Show Your ExpertiseHow Digital Marketing is done seems to be a big giant secret for many business people.  I constantly see businesses create social media accounts only to never use them, or to post sales pitch after sales pitch.  I often stumble upon websites with outdated copyright notices (thanks for all the free content..just kidding).  Those same websites often are not mobile ready or lack simple things such as a favicon, and not so simple for some..a blog.

Digital Marketing Methods are not really a secret, and if you’ve been reading my blog or following me on social media you’d know I share everything I do.  There are no secrets here.  I will tell you exactly how I do it and have done so numerous times.  Just look at my last blog post, 5 Simple Steps to Blabbing Your Way to Success, and you will see what I mean.  I give everything away just about every day, and guess what.  I’ve experienced business growth despite telling everyone my so called secrets.  In fact, I always give potential clients a review of what I would do before they become a client.  They don’t all come running and maybe they give that review to a competitor but that’s OK..they can use it.

I am not the only one who believes in doing this.  I manage a marketing campaign for a local wildlife control company and routinely share tips on how to get squirrels out of the attic, or prevent raccoons and skunks from coming around.  I have been working with them for over a year now and they have experienced month over month growth both in traffic and sales.  Their site receives about 9 times the amount of traffic today versus a year ago.

I know several attorneys (Yay, watch out for me!) that routinely share ideas, tips and thoughts on their respective areas of practice.  They post blogs, videos and participate in podcasts giving the same information that they had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to receive.  They give everything away for FREE!  Why?  Because it works.  They are seeing growth in their business and increased traffic to their sites.  On the day an email blast goes out their traffic spikes.  On the days they share their own information on social media their traffic spikes.

On a recently podcast with one of those attorneys shared some of his methods to business growth and legal advice..for free.  Why?  Because he understood that you have to give before you receive.

On the contrary, I know another business owner who thinks that he should keep all his ideas and projects a secret.  He has been in business for over 40 years and did quite well for some time.  Today he is struggling as the competitive field has changed and his competitors are more than willing to share their “Secrets” and ideas.  He doesn’t want to budge on his thought process and I believe this is one of the reasons for his decline in traffic and business.  He doesn’t want to blog because he doesn’t want to share…he’s losing.

Give away the farm as part of your content marketing planThe moral of the story is essentially you have to give to receive.   But don’t give expecting to receive because it doesn’t work that way.  Some will take, take and take some more for a long time.  I was told of a business that had a client who participated in free webinars and received all types of free information for over a year but did eventually become a client.  It might take time, some people take longer to commit but being a source of information and knowledge will help you build an audience and eventually clients.

Giving away knowledge, information and expertise is not only a good marketing plan, it’s recommended by some of the industry’s top marketers..including me.  I hope you enjoyed this bit of free advice.

So get out there and give the farm away.


5 Easy Steps to Blab Your Way to Business Success

BlabIMIt’s new and it’s fun.  In fact some, including myself, find it addictive.  Blab is the newest platform to storm the social media scene.  While the idea is not necessarily a new one (Google Hangouts has been around for a while), it’s ease of use and tie in with Twitter make it much more appealing to less technically savvy people.

I have had the privilege of participating in probably about half a dozen blabs now..maybe more.  One Blab afforded me the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback to a member of the Blab team.  On another Blab we got to speak with someone who has been using Blab for some time and was able to provide tremendous pointers and feedback.  The consensus seems to agree with my opinion that ease of use is the primary reason Blab will rival Google Hangouts in a short period of time.

Blab is still in beta with updates and new releases on a fairly regular basis.  In fact on Friday I co-hosted a Blab for my Growth Success Radio Podcast, manually downloaded the video and uploaded to YouTube.  On Saturday a  button was added that allows you to upload directly to YouTube.  Blab is incredibly easy to use so if you have not used it yet, I would strongly encourage you to use it.  Blab can have 1-4 people talking on camera to each other about whatever they want to talk about.  I have seen about every topic imaginable.  There is also a chat room where people can also engage with the hosts.

Hosting and Participating in Blabs allows you to make a name for yourself.  Talking with others gives you the opportunity to display your expertise in your industry.  Additionally people do business with people they know, like and trust.  Participating in Blabs gives you the opportunity to do this on a regular basis if you have the time.  I have only hosted one Blab to date but as I mentioned earlier I have participated in at least a half dozen..maybe more.   I have met people, including influencers, that I may have never met otherwise.  I was able to speak with them and display my knowledge of Digital Marketing while building relationships.  Think Speaking Engagements meets Networking.

Five Easy Steps to Blab Your Way to Business Success

  1. BlabbingHost a Podcast Style Blab with Other Industry People – I host a weekly podcast on Business Growth and Success every Friday at 10am.  It’s simple to schedule and set up.  It’s simple to start and add your co-hosts.  I have a co-host and a guest every week and we talk all things business.  I switched my podcast over to this format because it’s so much easier for everyone to get on.   In order to use Blab you have to have a Twitter account but that also means you have so many potential viewers.  People love to come in and ask questions and get advice.
  2. Visit and Participate in Other Blabs – It’s amazing to me that when I visit other Blabs people check what I do and invite me into their conversations.  Right now I’d say for every 3 I visit I am invited into one.  This helps you grow your following on Blab very quickly and also helps to establish your expertise on a given topic.  Many hosts are very cordial and love to hear your thoughts on topics.  Just make sure you are prepared to discuss whatever the topic might be.
  3. Record & Upload Blabs to YouTube and Your Site (and Facebook) – One of the awesome features of Blab is the ability to record the blab session making it so much easier to market your podcast.  As I mentioned earlier Blab has now added a button for upload to YouTube.  Even better is Blab will send you an email shortly after the session is over with a link to download your Blab as a video or audio file.  You can then edit the video and/or upload it to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Your Website or wherever else you choose.
  4. Record & Upload Audio Version of Your Blab for iTunes and Other Podcast Feeds – As I mentioned in number 3 you will receive a link with a audible version of your Blab session.  You can download this and upload it to wherever you host your podcasts.  Our podcasts are uploaded to growthsuccessradio.com and automatically submitted to iTunes and other podcasts sites.  So you can go to the RSS feed on Growth Success Radio or iTunes to be notified when the next episode is available.
  5. Be Consistent – As with any social media platform you have to have some level of consistency.  If you’re not blagging on a regular basis you will not build up a following and you will not be relevant.  You should also try to participate in as many relevant blabs as possible.  Of course I am not suggesting you live on Blab..you need to eat and sleep, but you have to build your audience just like you do on any other social media platform.

Blab is growing and evolving constantly.  And there are plenty of other ideas and tips that I could point out but we’re just going to start out with these 5.  Practice with these items and before you know it you will be the Blab expert.

You see it’s not hard to get going on Blab.  I have encouraged several of my clients, and one non-client to host shows on Blab because I truly believe it will work for them.   One final thought…Blab is in beta and very new to a lot of people.  While I have had a lot of luck in being asked to participate in Blabs I don’t know that this will be the case as the popularity grows.  On my own show I lock the 4th seat because I have had a few “troublemakers” try to join.  I suspect that as Blab grows you may not have as much luck as I have had.