6 Advantages To Business’s Using Instagram for Marketing

Instagram for businessAdvantages of Instagram for Businesses

Instagram is a powerful & rapidly growing social media platform you can use to boost the bottom line of your business quickly. In this post we will discuss some of the advantages to using Instagram to reach and engage new audiences for your products or services.

The audience on Instagram tends to be younger and likely to share their daily experiences with others using visual methods including photos and short videos.  These experiences may include their interactions with your busienss..or your competition.  What will that experience include, and will you be aware of that person’s sharing of your business?

Advantages of Instagram for Businesses


Use Instagram to post awesome photos about your firm`s services and products and avoid any kind of boring, text-heavy images or infographics. In addition, show the world you have style while on Instagram by telling them who you are and the things you do. An example of a company taking advantage of Instagram’s growing popularity and visual appeal is Starbucks. Starbucks does an amazing job at Instagram. The firm posts quirky pictures of cake pops, frothing milk and other items for its 858,000 followers at Instagram on a daily basis. A bit of caution here, don’t over post. A good number of posts in a day is 4 to 5 but over posting, especially in a short time frame, will prove to be a turn off to your audience.

Photo Contests

Taking a photo for InstagramA photo contest is a great, free way to interact, attract and even convert your potential clients. Ask your followers to post personalized photos of your services or products, and then post the best ones on your website. Additionally let them know you will publish the “photo of the day” on a regular basis. Ask your followers to submit as many captions for your firm`s photos as they can. This will drive interest in your Instagram page, and your website.

Attract Fans and Boost Sales

Instagram can be a great way to boost sales and attract more followers to your company by promoting coupon codes and exclusive discounts. You can do this with any of your services and products. Furthermore, you can use Facebook and Twitter to drive even more traffic to your Instagram images by giving away secret discount codes and any kind of sneak peek you can think of. Creating exclusivity and preferred status for specific audiences is a proven method of driving engagement and traffic further.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Instagram will allow you to keep your customers informed by posting snapshots of your company in a friendly way. For instance, you can post photos of your employees taking a short break and playing chess, playing office games or presenting on relevant topics. In addition, you can use pictures snapped in parties, industry events, charity dinners, and many other places. Enforcing the image of your brand has never been easier thanks to Instagram as you will be able to post behind-the-scenes photos. One account that is great at doing this is Hootsuite.  They constantly post images of events and a day in the life of their employees.

Instagram for Businesses to Engage Your Customers

Use the @mention to promote the “follower of the day” on Instagram, and you will engage a lot of potential customers right away. This will Instagram photos of sunflowers and girlpromote your clients which will encourage them to work with you even further. The @mention is used to tag any user in comments inside Instagram, and you can employ it generate the growth of your audience over time. This method can develop a relevant & engaged audience of high value to your brand or business.

You can also use hashtags (#) as a method of growing your audience.  As they do on Twitter and Facebook hashtags attract people to your posts because people are searching for them.  Using relevant and trending hashtags will garner more attention from users of Instagram that otherwise might never see your posts or account.

15 Second Comercials

Instragram allows users to upload short videos, up to 15 seconds in length.  Some businesses including car & clothing manufacturers have already used this service to create quick videos that show their products in creative and interesting ways. While Instagram is working on developing a paid advertising service using these short videos there is no reason why a brand or business couldn’t create videos to showcase their products, services or message.  Entertaining, creative and unique messaging will like engage your audience the most.


Instagram is growing a rapid pace, and recently surpassed the 300 million mark. Accounts are free and uploading pictures and short videos is quick and easy. Why wouldn’t you want to get started?

Instagram can take your business to an entirely new level while engaging an audience you might not have reached otherwise. This does come with some social business responsibilities. Over posting, purchasing followers and spamming users can be detrimental to your brand image.  You should also avoid posting boring images of your services or products. Think of Instagram as a means to get even more sales over time as well as a service to engage even more customers. Don’t think of Instagram as a method to a quick sale, or you will fail in your marketing campaign.

Ready to start marketing on Instagram? Not sure if Instagram is the right avenue for your business?  Speak with an expert at Scott Gombar Inbound Marketing Agency for free.  We’ll review your plan and offer suggestions to jump start your inbound marketing.

6 Reasons CEOs Should Use Social Media

CEO Using Social Media6 Reasons Why CEOs Should Use Social Media

In today’s world of gadgets, mobility and instant information CEOs should embrace the use of the social media. With billions of people around the world connected to social media, and numerous customers, employees, investors and suppliers connected to the same networks, the easiest and most convenient way for CEOs to connect and interact with these key people would be through the social media. Here are the top six benefits to a CEO using these networks:


Essentially, a CEO who is connected to social media acts as an opinion leader. Whenever someone wishes to gather more information, a standard practice before making a purchase these days, they will undoubtedly search out the CEOs social media profiles. As a result, a CEO’s presence on these networks can help potential clients build a degree of trust for the company they wish to interact; in doing so the company would strengthen its overall performance.


When a CEO of a company joins social media, followers, clients and subscribers of that company are able to put a face to the person behind the brand. Humanizing the company by putting a face on it helps to build confidence amongst its audience of customers, vendors and other people tied to the company. Once this has been established, the CEO can create better and more concrete relationships with the company’s investors, employees, customers and etc.


Social media is the ultimate tool to use in crisis management. This is because so many investors, customers and employees rely on social media as their main source of timely company news. For instance, in case of a crisis, long before a meeting is called, or a print publication is made, the CEO can take to social media and issue a statement to answer questions, clarify statements and speak directly to his/her audience, and not through the media. In doing so, both the CEO and brand demonstrate a high level of transparency, honesty and caring – something that everyone affiliated with the brand desires.

Speaking directly to an audience, rather than allowing the media to act as a gateway gives the CEO the appearance of transparency. Additionally the media often puts their own spin on press releases and interviews, often convoluting the intended message.

CEO Benefits from Social Media


Unlike a typical corporate environment where the flow of communication is downward (from the CEO to the subordinates), in social media, the CEO also gets a chance to listen to what everyone else has to say. As a result the flow of information is balanced and open dialogue is established. To a CEO, and to a brand, this information is priceless. If well implemented the communication and community built on social media can enable the brand to grow exponentially over time.


As a CEO, you need to be knowledgeable about who your customers and employees are, and the best ways of connecting with them. As such, if they are within the ages of 20 to 45 as is the case with most brands, then, you ought to adopt the same channels or models of communications that they use. This will enable you have direct contact with them as well as seamlessly sharing with them the brand’s insight.

That’s not to say the Baby Boomers are not also taking to Social Media. In fact on Facebook and Twitter, two of the largest social media platforms in the world, the fastest growing demographics are Baby Boomers.


For some reason, a great number of CEO avoid the use of the social medial. In fact a recent study revealed that 68% of CEOs are not on Social Media at all.  Common excuses include “it wastes time” and “it’s for kids”. If a CEO joined social media and followed through delivery, used it to connect with others & learn from them and share important information with them the brand/company would CEOs have no time for social mediagain the trust of its audience. Trust is a critical part of any business growth in today’s tech driven business environment. Keep in mind the message that a CEO delivers is believed to be the same message that a brands ambassadors, sales people, administrative and other professionals deliver.

Additionally a CEO using Social Media helps them expose their brand to the general public, boost their website traffic, and increase their sales and their revenue. Unfortunately, most companies don’t experience these benefits. This is because only a very small number of CEOs have social media accounts. While the benefits of having Social Media accounts are evident CEOs also use the age old excuse of not having time to use Social Media. A CEO doesn’t really have to be involved actively.  Instead, s/he can hire a social media manager to manage their accounts.

Dressing Your Social Content for Success

Top Strategies for Top Social Media Platforms-Infographic

Dressing Your Social Content for Success

A very interesting infographic from Pagemodo discussing the best strategies to use across the major social media platforms.

Interesting facts:

Facebook: Keep Posts Positive!

Twitter: Include Links, Images & Video

Pinterest: Do Not Self Promote

LinkedIn: Keep it Short & Sweet

Truth is these facts are almost 100% true across all major platforms.

Social Media Content Best Practices